Ensure Team Effectiveness

The Reflection Introduction My initial thoughts on leading a team can be summed up in a very similar fashion as to the beginning quote of this unit, “two people working as a team will produce more than three people working Individually’.

I believe that a quality team can produce more efficiently than scattered individuals especially under the correct supervision and leadership. The old “2 heads are better than one”.As suggested In the actively I will read through the unit taking notes and see any preferences in thoughts or beliefs of my original paragraph. Entries I have read and completed the related tasks associated with part 1 of the unit and although my thoughts are unchanged I have detailed information on the types of teams and their most appropriate environments. All information thus far is supporting my claim that teams, whether Internal or Involve external participants are very effective providing they assembled correctly and have the right direction.

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A little further into reading and things start to get a little more interesting. I had always wondered how in the past I have witnessed successful team leaders become poor managers and the reason is simple, size of the team relates to the workload of the manager! Successful teams have great leaders for their size, unsuccessful teams may great leaders, however, they may not be prepared or have the experienced with a team of that size. Norms! Although I subconsciously provide these I was not aware that they are a key factor for a successful team.Norms in my current environment are present yet generally unspoken, they are “what’s expected” in our corporate offices and most staff are generally aware as they exist in most workplaces. Unfortunately our candidate managers do need to voice these daily to our candidates that we employ and place on our clients sites as some are from the long term unemployed list with little to no employment skills. Come to think of it even our candidate managers need reminding every now and then on what’s expected/appropriate for the workplace.I personally find that the branch managers silently lead their teams into their own set of norms. Due to my role taking all over the country and visiting all offices you can notice a huge difference in the team’s behavior and attitudes.

For example our 2 Sydney offices (which I used to manage a different way to the current manager) have a very busy office and the staff are now voicing negative feedback amongst themselves and denying accountability for errors as that is what their leader does.The VIC offices seem to be a little more “inline” as their manager has an active role in daily functions and is always available for the team n the LAP group. Their leader provides them with regular updates on short comings direction and actively requests input from the team to aid in decisions and sets a standard through herself so the SLD team follows suit and therefore the norms in their team more suitable for a successful team. There are so many important factors which I subconsciously use but am now consciously aware of. For a team to be effective their needs to be a reason for the team.The leader plays a vital part in the successful outcome of the team. They must always be one step head of the team and always thinking and preparing for the next step, they most ensure they are aware of each team members learning method and make allowances to maximize effective delivery.

Through the whole I have learnt something which seems to be vital, that is communication and clearly defined and understood goals and objectives are paramount to the teams success, my previous method of explain once and ask if everyone understands is now redundant.The team leader needs to assist in each step of the teams development lifestyle and take an active approach with the performance planning ND if possible be available at all times to provide direction and clear up and questions that may Summary My original quote of “l believe that a quality team can produce more efficiently than scattered individuals especially under the correct supervision and leadership” still effectively stands, however, I am now consciously aware of the reasons surrounding my thoughts. I still believe that a team working together will achieve more than individuals working separately on the same project.

In saying this I am now aware that a team poorly elected, poor leadership or has conflict will not achieve more than the individuals. With any of the previous 3 reasons I now know that a team’s ability to perform will be hindered and therefore it will come down to the experience of the leader to bring it back into line (as long as the leader is not the problem) and provide the correct direction to promote the success of the team. I was previously not aware of the importance of team’s leader and had on many occasions adopted a sit and forget attitude until questions or problems arose.Although I can count the failure’s of the teams I have lead on one hand I will be providing more support and documentation on any future efforts as I like to promote success for myself and my immediate colleagues.

Looking back at my national visits I can notice a link between poorly run teams and the continuous failure to reach target within those branches. Is this the one and only reason are consistently on the wrong side of the profit line, I would confidently say that this would be one reason that’s contributing to the outcome for those branches though.