My vision is to be a high ranked bank officer. Mission: To achieve my vision I want to be a banker.

Objective: The Objectives to make my dreams come true are: 1) Get a college degree. It is important to have the appropriate knowledge base in order to be a bank manager. Some possible college majors that would be beneficial to a bank manager hopeful would be finance, economics, accounting or business.

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These fields will help you build a foundation for your career as a banking center manager.While it is Seibel for experience to act in replacement of a degree, it is becoming increasingly more expected that a bank manager would always have a college degree. 2) Get experience within the bank. It is unlikely you would get a bank manager position right out of college.

In addition to the education, a bank manager also needs on-the-Job experience in order to become a good manager. Starting as a teller or personal banker will expose you to the banking industry and give you the tools you will need to manage those positions in the future.Banks often fill management positions from within, so if you have been loyal to the company and have shown your talents within the branches of the bank, you will likely be looked at for a promotion into the bank manager title.

3) Network. The more you know and understand about the way the bank operates the better manager you will be. Being committed to learning the inner-workings of the bank will show in your daily work and to the management team that will ultimately hire you as a bank manager.

4) Apply for open positions.Start keeping your eyes and ears open for available bank manager positions once you feel you have acquired enough knowledge and experience within the bank. While it may seem logical to only apply within the bank you have been working in, the appropriate experience will be relevant to any financial institution. Consider the pros and cons of the same position at different banks. 5) Hard Work After getting the Job I’ll work hard to prove myself to the authority. I’ll also get professional diploma for banking to get promotion.