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Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front is not only about war, destructions, loss and battles. The story also revolves of how they will be going to get through those hardships and how they developed to trust and lean on to each other. Out of all those difficult situation, there is one thing that gives them strength to fight and to fight back: comradeship. Even though they left their family and went to the war, they found home in there, with themselves. Just like family, they are the one who’s going to be there through their ups and downs.  They become their motivation to overcome their fears and to stay alive. They served as their strength to one another. One of the positive things that happened during the war in this novel is developing a strong bond that keeps them connected, the comradeship. It is not because the young men known each other before they came to the war nor some personal reasons. It is because they all have same reason why they’re in that situation and they have that common things that is set in their minds, and it is to protect and care for each other no matter who or what personality a person has. Comradeship was developed while battling and it all happened unexpectedly. The experience of one person is the same with the other, personally, and mentally. They helped each other to become stronger in facing the battle, it became their reason to fight and to stay alive. They showed that no matter what happen they will be always there to support each and every one. It is not just how they protect every individual, it is also how they worked as a group to survive to every problems and trials that they face. They face it together, and together they became strong. The war gave the soldiers those unforgettable experience that they cannot be able to share to those who were not involved and have not seen the horrors of the war. To them, comradeship is the most important thing that they can only have. They accepted the truth that all that they can have at that time is one another.  The narrator and the lead character, Paul Baumer describes his fellow soldiers: Leer, Muller, Kropp who are all nineteen years of age just like him. Tjaden a locksmith, Haie a peat digger of what they call, Detering a peasant, and Katczinsky, the oldest of them all which become their leader. When all of them visit the latrines, Paul recall the first time that he’d been there. Before, he was so uncomfortable and embarrassed to use the latrines in front of the others. But now for him, it is all natural and he is even enjoying with the place that once he called disgusting.  This is the place where they become comfortable with each other and started to developed their comradeship. Even if a peasant like Detering, old man like Kat, a locksmith like Tjaden, a young man, like Paul, no matter what status they have in life, it all doesn’t matter because in comradeship, all of them were equal. One day they went to a hospital to check how was their friend Kemmerich, they saw his condition. Once they saw him, they knew already what would happen and how was their friend’s feeling, so they find a way of how are they going to comfort kemmerich and to make him feel better.  They tried to not tell him that his legs got amputated and gave all of the things that he needed. This kind of act showed how they begin to care for each other and tried to make a person feel loved by staying on their friend’s side.  In Chapter 3, Katczinsky became their so called leader and he was known as