Transition Statement: Scoffer was an ordinary nouns boy with dreams of his own. Main Point One: Who Was Augusta Scoffer? He was born October 28th, 1846. He was attracted by the world of fine arts and wanted to become a sculptor but had to give up his dream. Born son too blacksmith in a small village in France called Villainies-Lobule. – All of the above Scoffer, A. (1997) Augusta Scoffer, Memories of my Life, New York : Van Nonstandard Reinhold. Transition Statement: Cooking was a family thing, which cause him to go to the direction of becoming a chef. Main Point Two: How did he become a chef?At the age of 13 he was Informed he had to become a cook and could not choose other wise.

After 6 months of training he became interested in writing menus. – Scoffer, A. (1997) Augusta Scoffer, Memories of my Life, New York : Van Nonstandard Reinhold. He was the first great chef who worked directly for the public throughout his entire career.

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– Rowley, L. (1996, Novo 23). Food & drink: Scoff the lot: Augusta Scoffer may have been dead for more than 60 years, but he Is still the chef against whom all others are Judged. Rowley Leigh salutes his memory -and his food.

The radian (Pre-1997 Fullest). Retrieved from https://search. Protest. Com/docile/ 294981778? Accounted=144725. He became world known for unique dishes he made for different celebrities and royalty members. – Same as Above.

Transition Statement: He would always quote, “above all, keep It simple”. Mall Point Three: Why Is he called the Father of Mother Cuisine? He developed a new gastronomic philosophy, a sense of finely honed and highly refined simplicity In dining. He created the brigade system, eliminating the chaotic and unpleasant atmosphere. He also established sanitation tankards.He had a sincere Interest In preserving the nutritional value of the foods he prepared, and had an expertise In food science. – All of the Above Shaw, T. (1994) The World of Scoffer, Litchis Street, London, Phillip Wilson Publishers Ltd Transition Statement: He never thought about being a chef, It was not really In his plans but he ended up being one of the most recognized chefs In the world.

Conclusion Now that we’ve told you about who Augusta Scoffer was, What he did In life and how he did It, If he was here I would Like to thank him for making our life simpler.