1000 Teachers Program Project Brief

1000 TEACHERS PROGRAM This is a scholarship campaign that seeks to attract the best and the brightest into the teaching profession. It will be backed by a multimedia campaign to promote the scholarship and uplift the profession. OBJECTIVES 1. To encourage, through a scholarship supported with a stipend, the best and brightest graduating high school seniors to take degrees in education, specifically majoring in English, Math, and Science. 2. To uplift the image of the teaching profession in the eyes of the public in order to make education a strong career option for our youth and their parents. 3.To help improve the quality of teachers in the Department of Education by producing 1000 quality teachers who will join the public school system four years hence.

PROJECT DETAILS Scholarships Students who pass the requirements and the selection process will receive a four (4) year scholarship, tuition and fees. They must major in English, Science, or Math. In addition to the scholarship, they will receive a Php 2,000 monthly allowance for ten (10) months for each school year and a book stipend of Php 2,000 per semester. Teacher education institutions (TEIs) with good track records of producing high quality education graduates based on the board passing) will give the scholarships. The corporate sector will provide the allowances. Multimedia Campaign The scholarship campaign will be backed with a tri-media campaign announcing the program in order to generate awareness and interest.

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Furthermore, the campaign intends to convince good students to choose education as a career and encourage parental, peer, and community support for that decision. General Policies and Guidelines Students 1. The selection of the scholars will be based on a competitive examination that will be given in the partner TEIs. The Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) hall administer a standard test.

2. The final selection will also be based on other requirements (e. g. , leadership qualities, high school grades, recommendations, etc. ) These will be enumerated in the application forms.

3. Scholars must indicate their majors upon application. Shifting of courses or majors is not permitted. 4. If a scholar chooses to drop out of the program or change course or major, he or she must immediately reimburse the school for the scholarship and PBEd for the any and all allowances already paid. 5. Scholars will be required to maintain a GPA/GWA equivalent of B and have no failing grade. 6.

Upon passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), scholars will be required to join the DepEd division in their province of origin. 7. Moreover, they will be required to stay in the country and serve in the public school system for five years (5) after passing theLET (i. e. , two years for every scholarship year).

8. Students who choose to leave the country will be required to refund the program. Teaching Education Institutions (TEIs) 1.

TEIs interested in joining the program may contact the PBEd secretariat. 2. Priority will be given to TEIs with a proven track record of producing high quality education graduates (based on the oard passing rates). The primary benefit to the TEI is the potential enrollment of good high school graduates in their institutions. 3. The TEI must be willing to provide at least 5, but no more than 20, four (4) year scholarships (tuition and fees) in education. 4.

The TEI will assist in the recruitment and selection of scholars – identifying and recruiting valedictorians/salutatorians of national high schools, conducting examinations, collecting and submitting all application requirements, etc. 5. The TEI will assist in the monitoring of the scholars – monitoring of grades, reporting of any changes in status of he scholars, etc. 6.

Geographic distribution of partner institutions will be considered in the final selection of partners. 7. The TEI will be recognized as a partner institution whenever possible in all program marketing collaterals. Corporate Partners 1. Since one of the intentions of the program is to focus the resources of business on key quality levers, corporations may enroll existing scholarship programs in the 1000 Teacher Program.

However, they must adapt their programs to the 1000 TP guidelines. 2. Scholarships must be for education and the contributions to the program must be Php 25,000 per scholar per year or four years. 3. Php 1,000 of the contribution will be used for administrative support for the program. 4. Companies (or individuals) may signify their interest to either enroll their existing scholarship program or join by contacting the 1000TP Secretariat. 5.

Annual donations must be given April of every program year (beginning April 2008). PROCESS Enrollment of Existing Programs ? ? ? ? ? Corporate Partners can signify their intention to enroll existing programs by contacting the PBEd Secretariat or filling up the partnership forms. They can either work with their existing partner nstitution or the Secretariat will provide the school. If working with an existing partner, the corporate partner must apply the standards set by the 1000 Teachers Program. However, the corporate partner may make the final selection of scholars. The corporate partner and its partner institution are responsible for providing to PBEd their list of scholars and for monitoring their performance. If the corporate partner does not have an existing partner, they can course their contributions through the PBEd Secretariat.

Student Recruitment ? ? ? ? The media campaign and all program collaterals will rovide a number for inquiries Interested students can call and they will be directed to the nearest partner TEI They can then proceed to the partner TEI to inquire or apply directly. There shall be a CEM administered standard test in March. Some TEIs may also require its own test. All the necessary information and application forms will also be available on a website OUR PARTNER SCHOOLS Our Partner Schools Teacher’s Program ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? for the 1000 ARAULLO UNIVERSITY ATENEO DE NAGA UNIVERSITY CAGAYAN DE ORO COLLEGE CARLOS C. HILADO MEMORIAL STATE COLLEGE-TALISAY CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITYDON MARIANO MARCOS MEMORIAL STATE UNIVERSITYAGOO FIRST ASIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND HUMANITIE S (FAITH) HOLY CROSS OF DAVAO COLLEGE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION COLLEGE-LA SALLE LEYTE NORMAL UNIVERSITY MARIANO MARCOS STATE UNIVERSITY-LAOAGCOLLEGE OF EDUCATION PNU – AGUSAN CAMPUS PNU – CADIZ CAMPUS PNU – ISABELA CAMPUS PNU – MAIN PNU – QUEZON SORSOGON STATE COLLEGE-SORSOGON UNIVERSITY OF ST. LA SALLE UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY XAVIER UNIVERSITY For more details please contact the PBEd Secretariat thru Phone (02) 896 9537 loc 505 and e-mail at [email protected]

ph look for Ms. Renei Tan, or log on http://www. pbed. ph