A family essentially is the smallest group in society but yet it binds the world we live in. With so many different personalities and generations entrenched in unrecognized dysfunction, the holidays are sure to make for some uncomfortable or maybe even lively interactions! While family bonds can bring support, happiness, and other amazing advantages into our lives, these relationships can also bring tension. Every year my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, which is our tradition.

I always look forward to all the amazing food and desserts, but there is always a nervousness that strikes me before I enter the door. The major tension between myself and some of my family members always makes me feel uncomfortable. Due to my personal choice of having children young and not always choosing the best choices in life, have become the “Black Sheep” of my family. As unfortunate as that may sound, it isn’t so bad.

Being at the lowest point of your life really shows who is truly on your side toting for you to rise above everything. So with that being said family events are always a bit nerve racking for me but usually always go over well. In addition to the stress mentioned above another one would be the financial strain of Christmas. Unlike most of my family members am in the lower financial class bracket. My grandparents are in the similar class and can certainly understand why such a joyful holiday can cause so much stress.

Myself and my grandparents often worry is the gift we bought our loved ones good enough for them? With that being said our family has made a rule that there is a spending limit to make everyone more equal. Great idea I’d say. Lastly, Learning to take the good in with the bad and ignore the people that are bitter. I may not be what they want me to be but I am who I want to be and that is what really matters. Christmas can be so joyful but so painful at the same time for me.