Able to Be Me

Journal January 16, 2013 First day in Uratex on OJT (On The Job Training Junior). I’m very excited because this is my first time to go in a company as an on the job training student. Im also nervous because I don’t know what im going to do if ill start at work.

And I have no idea who im work with and what task will be assign to me, if its hard or not. Because in my interview maam Lorie said that ill be the one who will take time and motion study. She is the Production Department Supervisor . While im waiting to my supervisor in waiting in Uratex im looking around and feel the surrounding.Because its good to be familiarize in my on going work place.

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And I don’t expect that the supervisor that will handle me is very young and so pretty she looks like an artist. Not only she have a good appearance but also a king heart and have a sense of humor. She is so “makulit and napaka masayahin” so im very thankful that she is my supervisor.

She is not only the one who make the department laugh but also sir Buboy. Sir Buboy is one of the Supervisor of this department. He always make the department “get some noise” because he always throw a joke that all officemates make them laugh.

At the first place I know that all people in this department is good to work with. My mentor maam Kristel teach me how to do a Time Measurement Sheet and other kind of Charts and Table related in How to do a TMS. She also explain how their workers do their Jobs. How importance of being good to your people specially when Its come to the relationship of the supervisor and the worker. Before the days end maam introduce me in all staff in production area and in accounting office.

January 23, 2013 Second Day in my OJT. Ill go earlier in the company because I thought the all employees in this company come earlier.And I volunteer my self to do the job that every morning I am the one who will groom the floor .

And its not their command, its my choice. Because I see that they have an 7’s in their company and I follow it. Because as my mentor said that if you apply it to your self not only in the company you can develop your self. The task assign me for to day is to take a video in the cutting process of the foam to become a finish good and that is mattress. And after I took a video I plot the time that I have taken in a time measurement sheet form.

They provide me a digital camera, laptop and my own table and chair.At the first I don’t really whats going on in how to make time measurement sheets. But when the time pass by I realize that its very easy when you know the formula using in time measurement study. And as to all engineering student it is not hard because in our subjects its many math subject rather than other subjects that only you have to do is to explain and memorize. But its not easy because you must be take the time of each worker and that worker you needed to take their time its either walk time, Hand time and Machine time. Because every move,action or motion its have an equivalent time.

And each time you need it to compute its average, maximum time, minimum time and its fluctuation. January 26, 2013 Third Day of OJT. I do my task again every morning and that is groom our department im not acquired because when I go to work me and sir Jordan is coming earlier. Beacause I always come to the office 30 mins earlier before 8 am that is original office hour. And every 10:00 we have a coffee break again up to 3:30. And the off time of the is 5:00 pm. And the third day I do a time measurement study again but different size of foam to make a finish product.And im very happy because I done to make a time measurement study in my own.

January 30, 2013 In the Forth Day I do my routine task. I coming earlier in the office I clean the production office. And ill wait my mentor come to assign me to do a task. But my mentor is not coming because they go in Valenzuela one of the branch of the Uratex to take a training about their field of their Job. Even if my mentor is not here she leave a task that I have to do that day.

The task given to me is about also in production area. I take a video in different cutting process and different sizes of finish product. 3”x36”x75” – 15 pcs *2”x48”x75” – 22 pcs *6”x60”x75” – 8 pcs *4”x54”x75” – 11 pcs *8”x60”x75” – 7 pcs *3”x48”x75” – 10 pcs *8”x58”x75” – 8 pcs *2”x60”x75” – 20 pcs And after I take a video. I plot it again in their time measurement sheet. But I didn’t finish it, so I leave it to continue next day of my work. February 2, 2013 Fifth day of my OJT. Same routine and same task.

Im very tired because we have no vacant day to leave and to unwind. So im very stress. I don’t know what I shall do first. But its need to work hard for my future and to prove to my family that I can graduate with my own.Because im a full scholar of QCPU SYDP since first year college. I don’t need to pay my tuition.

The only thing that I must do hard is to maintain my grade to achieve my scholarship maintaining grades. And that things make me crazy. To graduate with flying collars is my dream and I want to achieve it. Without helping by other people surround me. If I have vacant like coffee break , I do my school work at the office.

Because being Engineer “student” is what I applying for. So all the waste of time, energy, cost and everything wastes I eliminated . Because this is our field of job.And its ok because sometimes my mentor is very busy to their office work and I don’t want to disturb her. So I make my self busy too.

February 6, 2013 Sixth Day of my OJT, same task and also same routine again. I thought that entiring in this company is very compliment because all the employee’s I work with is very kind and very funny even our higher supervisor. Specially if sir Buboy is their because he make us laugh as always what he every day do. Even if sometimes he joke a green jokes its not bad to heard speacially in my age. Because its not to wild like others did.

So every day I go to OJT in Uratex Company im not get bored because of them. Im not “makulit” in this company like others know me so naughty because I respect them as a professional. And as our professor said “nakiki OJT lang kami” I make my self behave everyday I go to Uratex. Im very thankful because I work with professional person and the same time they are not “mayabang” like other employee in other company. Speacially to my mentor, she treat me like her co employee, she always feel me that I am one of this company too. She is not only beautiful but also she is very kind hearted person .

Im not “sipsip” I only said what I saw while im in OJT. February 13, 2013 Seventh Day in OJT. Same routine but different tast. Because my mentor is not here. So our head production ask me to do a time measurement study in the receiving of product and encoding of it.

Different process but same plotting of time measurement study its interesting because I have do it with my own ideas like my mentor teach me before. My mentor teach me about the different kind of time and motion study like using symbols, fluctuation of problems and so on. I have a lot of knowledge get to my mentor that our professor didn’t teach us pa.So im very thankful because I know that “ nauuna ako “ to all my classmate regarding in knowledge about the time and motion study gathered in RGC-GROUP Corporation. February 16, 2013 Eighth Day in OJT. Ill go Uratex. Same routine in morning. And also same tasks also.

My mentor give me another video to do a time measurement study . The whole day I do the TMS and after I compute the all data given. Ill try to plot it by my self hehehe. And when my mentor see it she laugh because in what is going. And I Laugh to because “hinulaan lang kung pano gawin yun”.

February 23, 2013Another Day for Industrial Engineering Student’s. This day is so busy day for us because their’s are many paper work in school that need immediately pass. And the University Week is useless because I cannot take the opportunity to go to OJT in this week because their so many requirements need to past.

And everyday we go to main campus were so tired because theirs a lot of activities we need to accommodate or let’s called it required activities that you need to attend. After this OJT I’ll go home and sleep, take a rest to become more ready for tomorrow. -February 27, 2013Tenth Day of OJT. As always what I doing everyday same routine and task’s again. But the different between what im doing in the past day of my OJT is im very busy because their’s so many requirements that we have to past the day after tomorrow. So I have no choice to half day in my OJT. But I said it to my supervisor before I leave in the company. And after I leave the uratex I went home to get a cloth for tomorrow school a tire because we have a plan of my classmate to have an over night to finish our group project and other school requirements March 6, 2013 After the very tiring day.

Its time again to go to work in OJT Uratex. As always same routine and task’s. All day long im front of the laptop plotting the TMS. In Standardized Work Combination Table and Time Measurement Sheet that may mentor told me to do for that day. All the people surround me is to busy. So I make my self busy too. After I been done to TMS that my mentor told me to do next. I do the requirements in methods engineering.

March 7, 2013 I decided to go in OJT because this day even if we have a class start in 7 am – 6 pm. Because most of the used time in Methods Engineering is vacant.So I decided to use the time of methods Engineering to Finish my hour’s in OJT. My mentor teach me about the Chart its look like an plotting of TMS but it use a shape to determine the different process of cutting process. Its look like also of TMS but it not use a plotting of time to determine how long the process go longer. And im very excited to do it. Beacause it is another knowledge again.

And when its already 12:00 pm I leave the company to go to school because we a class in Speech and Oral Communication in English. So I went home to a have a nap and to relax.After that I go to school. March 13, 2013 Eleventh Day in OJT. I have no sleep because we have many requirements in school. We have no time to sleep.

So when I go to OJT im not in a mood. My eyes is ready fall as sleep but I fight because its so “ nakakahiya naman” if I fall asleep in the office. I make my self busy to not get bored. And I make it. Its good to give e a task’s to make my self busy too. I plot all the time i have taken in a video.

In different Chart. I plot it in Standard Work Combination Table and in the fluctuation in Time Measurement Sheet.First I didn’t know how to plot a fluctuation in time measurement so I asked my mentor how to get it. And finally I know plot it. Thanks my mentor. I understand it fast, she also a good adviser about school.

Because she is also Industrial Engineering graduated. March 16, 2013 Tomorrow is another day. But for Industrial Engineering me there is always no tommor us because we have no day in night cause everyday is day time for us. And its very stressed, because we have no time to sleep specially if it’s the week of hell week or final examination week.

We don’t know what we do first.Yesterday my group in electrical engineering over night in our place. We have no sleep that day until we still wake up in 7 in the morning and that day also we have a class at 7 am to 9 pm. We are very tired and hungry. And after that day and when Iim ready go home.

I go in our room and fall asleep with out eating my dinner. Then when I woke up my head is cracking but I need to go in OJT to finish my work hour. And when I go to Uratex I see my mentor and I ask her if its ok if I go to work in Sunday.

But my mentor said there is no super visor in production are to supervise me that day.So I do what I shall to do. Requirements in Methods Engineering. Because all the TMS that my mentor want to me to do is done. So I do my requirements in school. March 20, 2013 Second to the last day of may OJT my bossing in the Uratex is Absent so I cant take may Certificate of Complition even if the passing of our documentation in Methods Engineering is Friday so may plan I go back tomorrow to get my Certificate of Completion and to evaluate me of my supervisor.

The head of the production told me that she is not the one who