Essay about home

Parents give or at least try to give the best that they have to their children without waiting something back.

Parents, relatives, and even friends give us something called home. They give us their appreciation through actions that show us how much they love us. Our parents provide us food, a roof over our head, security and they also offer their love to us and with it comes the sense of home. Many of us do not live in the same way our parents or grant parents did. Our society cannot stop changing and evolving.However, even though our scenarios have changed they still are able to give us home.

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If we take a look couple generation back, their way of living was rough. Taking care of the family was tougher than now, especially to families without enough money, For example, children had to work due to they needed money because fathers Income was not enough and the mother In most cases did not work, women took care of the housework. Many children finished elementary school or middle school but some had to drop school because they could not afford education.In the other hand we may say that even though the environment was different: they received a place to call home. Not every house is a home. People who we appreciate and love and people who make us feel like living in hell could live in the same house with us. For example, there are homes where the father is not a good model to follow. Mother has issues going on and a bad environment surrounds the house.

It may look like a family but a child could look at those people and not recognize them as part of their family