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Forms Follows Function means that form or shape of objects is designed that way because of function or purpose. Origins of the phrase The phrase was found during 1910. The phrase came from Louise Sullivan, American Architect. He focused on practicality and functions of product.

Thus, the product’s form must obey the rational and practical condition. He was inspired by intellect, such as Emerson and Thoreau. He have said “form ever follows functions”. And now It’s remembered In simpler form “Form follows Function” How it applies? Forms follow Function can be applied in almost any products.

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Here are two examples: Sources: http://www. Ski. Mom/question/who-said-form-follows-function http://references-deflations. Blurt. Com/55218/what-does-the-phrase-form-follows- function-mean- http://www. Begetting-elm-wander. Com/PDF/OFF_Engle.

PDF http://www. Cache. Com/question/whatdoesformfollowsfunctionmean Functional Pottery http://characteristically. Org/ceramic-art-and-artists/functional-pottery/more-is-more- loran-madden/ http://www.

Lorraine. Com/ http://characteristically. Org/ceramic-art-and-artists/functional-pottery/don’t-forget- the-details-the-importance-of-considering- how-your-pots-function-when-in-and-out- of-use/ Artist 1: Loran Madden More is more.

This is her concept in her pottery. She usually creates potteries that are used when eating or drinking. She usually applies dynamic festive and ceremonial patterns to express more delightful mood. Also, the patterns she uses are not Just simply for decorations but also are patterns that have meaning. For example, in the the cup holder bowl the patterns one big bowl symbolizes the “frozen” nature. The lines going up and down symbolizes how snow falls and melts and how this repeats over and over again. So she believes that beauty of active and metaphorical patterns is what makes her ceramics different from others. My opinion about her works.

I love minimalism and inorganic shapes, which is quite opposite from her style. I disagree with her quote, “More is More”. I really think that unnecessary details Just destroy the simplistic form and texture of ceramic. I also think the symbols are unnecessary because Just trying to put metaphorical meanings may just destroy the beauty or function of ceramic. I also don’t Like the organic shapes. It looks messy. Sands Preparation has presented numerous workshops across the country and has exhibited her work worldwide.

They create pots because they believe that their national pottery can bring soul into daily rituals of eating and drinking.They believe that potteries can help other people to enrich their daily living. They also believe that creating pottery is CEO friendly, since every pieces of clay can be recycled and there are no toxic ingredients in the potteries. My Opinion about their work I think like their style more, compare to the previous artist. Although there are lot of decorations and organic shapes, the patterns are well harmonize and neat. I also like the witty shape and the handle. I also love the pastel tone. It really creates the cool and light mood.