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J Coffey Construction Ltd ANNUAL REPORT Date of Board meeting: TBC Name of Report: Annual Health & Safety Report 2008/2009 Author(s): Alyn Tomkinson Approved by (name of Executive member): James Coffey Presented by: Alyn Tomkinson Purpose of the report: To provide the Board with the Annual Health & Safety Report for 2008/2009 Overview of Performance between April 2008 and April 2009 Action required: Approval by the Board Sections 1.

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6. 7. Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Standard Contents Overview Key AchievementsPolicy Development and Implementation Information Incident Reporting Performance Indicators Raising the Profile of Health and Safety Co-operation and Co-ordination Training and Competence Health and Safety Objectives Accident Summary Prohibition Notice Summary of Insurance Claims Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 1. Overview The work to continually improve Health and Safety has grown in stature throughout the Company since the last reporting year.Generally awareness of Health & Safety has been raised further by the Employment of a Productive Health and Safety Advisor working along side the Health and Safety Manager to ensure compliance is met through Auditing, Documentation Evaluation, Investigation works, continual training, safety meetings and various safety bulletins, as well as filtering all Supervisors and Managers (In due course) through either the SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) or the SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) which has enhanced the Health and Safety Culture throughout the Company.

The Health & Safety Manager and Team has continued the good work within the company to ensure that Site Managers meet their responsibilities, although in some areas this has met with some resistance with some managers still failing to complete weekly document returns. Most Managers have achieved carrying out risk assessments & reviews on existing risk assessments as well as producing Method Statements which in the past was lacking. 2. Key Achievements 2008/2009 2. 1 Policy Development and ImplementationA key objective of the Health & Safety department for this year was to continue the development and implementation of health and safety policies across the company, integrating as far as possible already established systems to ensure minimal changes to working practices. The following guidance has been ratified and implemented: ? No Lone Working – Continued from Last Report. ? Young Persons Health & Safety Risk Assessment – Continued from Last Report.

? Implementation of the Health and Safety Action Plan – Within the new Health and Safety Manual. Implementation of a Worksafe Policy – Within the new Health and Safety Manual. ? The introduction of a New method Statement Proforma, Diamond Drilling Check sheets, BROKK Daily/weekly check sheets, Concrete-Screed pump check sheets, Plant issue vouchers and the Health and Safety Observation Cards. Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd The following policy matters continue to be worked on from last year: ? Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on the HSE Management Standards for assessing Work Related Hand ArmVibration (HAVs). ? Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on the HSE Management Standards for assessing Work Related Risk. ? Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on Method Statements and Risk Assessments.

? Manual Handling. ? Supervisors Training. ? Asbestos Awareness.

? Training in general. 2. 2 Information The Health & Safety manual and individual site files continue to be updated and contain the following information: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2. 3 Policies HSE Leaflets/Guidance Risk Assessment Guidance Generic Risk Assessments Minutes of Safety meetingsHealth & Safety Newsletters (HSE and Worksafe Partnership) Toolbox Talks Incident Reporting Kind of accident/incident Fatal Major Over 3 Days Minor Total Fall from height 0 0 2 1 3 Slip, Trip, fall – same level 0 0 0 2 2 Injured whilst handling, lifting, carrying 0 0 1 1 2 Struck by moving object 0 0 0 2 2 Struck by moving Vehicle 0 0 0 0 0 Contact with moving machinery/material 0 0 0 1 1 Contact with electricity 0 0 0 0 0 Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd Strike against something fixed/stationary 0 0 0 2 2Exposure/contact – harmful substance 0 0 0 2 2 Other 0 0 0 2 2 Total 0 0 3 13 16 2 10 12 Below are the Results for 2007/2008 Total 3. 0 0 Performance Indicators Classically the incidence of accidents has been used as a key performance indicator for health and safety and this continues to develop, although it should be noted that there has been a rise in the number of accidents reported, this may be due to the heightened awareness of reporting procedures available to all operatives.

Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction LtdIt should also be noted that, while important, the measurement of the accident rate is a measure of failures, not successes. However although there has been a slight rise in the reporting of accidents the Accident Incident Rate and the Accident Frequency Rate has decreased over the reporting period in relation to the number of employees to the previous year. The Health and Safety Department agrees to use the new Method Statement Proforma and all introduced check sheets to achieve uniformity throughout the company as a performance measure tool together with the new Health and Safety Table.

4.Raising the Profile of Health and Safety The Health & Safety Manager issues monthly health and safety bulletin sheet from The Worksafe Partnership Ltd and his own, providing news of new policies and other health and safety matters of interest as well as e-mailing information from the HSE Website on relevant subjects. Health & Safety HSE “Myth of the Month” are continuing to be published on the Health and Safety Notice boards. The Site Managers have, and continue to be active in the way of conducting Toolbox Talks in compliance with current HSE Campaigns and relevant implementations and changes throughout the company.The Health and Safety Manager has introduced a Monthly Health and Safety Table, marking each site on their Health and Safety Performance on a variety of subjects, where the winners each month receive a Plague.

The Company has now become a member of ROSPA (The Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents). 5. Co-operation and Co-ordination Co-operation and co-ordination with other agencies has continued successfully. A good liaison link has been established with the Health & Safety Executive, British Safety Council, IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management) and ROSPA. 6. Training and CompetenceA health and safety training Matrix has proved successful and now has a regular monthly update in line with our OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Standard. Objectives have been set to fully update our managers to have minimum Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd certification in the following courses – SMSTS, First Aid, and Environmental Awareness (On-Going). Below is the list of courses under took in this reporting period between April 2008 and April 2009 – NO.


SCOPE – CABLE AVOIDANCE TOOL 6 6 14 SONDE 6 0 15 SIGNAL GENERATOR SGV 6 0 16 CITB – INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATE 1 0 17 SAFE USE AND MAINTENANCE OF GOODS HOIST 1 0 18 FIRE SAFETY TRAINING 3 0 19 IEMA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP 1 0 20 ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS FOR BUILDERS AND SITE OPERATIVES 0 Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd 21 ASBESTOS AWARENESS 11 0 22 GGR UNIC – GLASS HANDLING AND MINI CRANES 4 0 23 SKID STEER LOADER 17 0 24 FORWARD TIPPING DUMPER 16 0 25 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFT 2 0 26 RIDE ON ROLLER 5 0 27 LORRY LOADER 4 0 28 EXCAVATOR 2 0 169 0 TOTAL Being Up Dated Currently by Cheryl Winter and Emma Lickley 7. Health & Safety Objectives The objectives set for the Health & Safety for 2009/2010 are those that indicate continuous improvement and are therefore a continuing set of objectives and will stand as objectives for the coming year. • • • • • • • The company shall impose a performance indicator on itself e. g. a reduction in reportable incidents by conducting more Courses such as Manual Handling Awareness, Safe Working in around plant and machinery Awareness to avoid reoccurrences in the last reporting period accidents. All Managers/Supervisors to achieve the SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) or SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) Courses (On-Going). All Managers to achieve the 4 day Appointed Person First Aid Training.

All Managers to be fully trained in the producing of Method Statements and Risk Assessments (On-Going).An increase of 10% to be achieved on the issue of CSCS cards (OnGoing). Continual Asbestos Awareness Training for all operatives (On-Going). Continuous update to all staff on the current HSE Campaigns and Health and Safety Bulletins (On-Going). A Clamp to arrange for Two personnel per month to attend the MACE business school for training.

Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd Appendix 1. SUMMARIES ENTERED INTO DATABASE FOLDER OF ACCIDENTS & DANGEROUS OCCURRENCES WITHIN J COFFEY CONSTRUCTION LTD INVESTIGATED BY AN INTERNAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGER (APRIL 2008 –TO APRIL 2009) Fall from Height IP (Injured Party) was exiting an inlet chamber via a ladder, while carrying a staff in one hand, when he fell 5. 5m resulting in Fractures to both heals (HSE Reportable). IP was working in a riser when the plyboard protection (secured by others) gave way and the operative fell 3.

5m resulting in a Fracture of the Transverse Process Lumbar Vertebrae. IP was in the process of propping up a brickwork pier when it cracked and broke free, falling through to the next level, resulting in the operative following it and cutting his leg.Slips, Trips, Fall – Same Level IP was exiting across a scaffold bridge when one of the steps collapsed, resulting in a graze to the leg.

IP stepped on a piece of plyboard when it gave way resulting in the operative reaching out a hand to steady himself cutting his right arm. Injured whilst handling, lifting, carrying IP was carrying a wheelbarrow up some steps when he slipped, resulting in an injured back. (HSE Reportable). IP reported muscular pain due to holding and breaking out works. Struck by moving object IP was struck by a moving gate as it swung back resulting in a cut to the heel.IP was struck by his own hammer in the hip area, as he over swung and missed his intended target. Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd Contact with moving machinery/materials IP was struck by a skilsaw blade when it jumped after hitting the edge of the work bench resulting in a cut to the hand.

Strike against something fixed/stationary IP was breaking out concrete when he caught his right arm on a protruding piece of re-bar, resulting in a cut. IP was breaking out concrete when he caught his right arm on a protruding piece of re-bar, resulting in a cut.Exposure/Contact – Harmful Substance 2 No IP`s were trying to unblock a gully without skin protection, into cementatious water, resulting in cementatious burns to their arms. Other IP blew into his safety goggles and as a result got grit/debris caught into his eyes. IP cut his big toe while having a Hilti Nail fired through his boot by another operative. Appendix 2. Prohibition Notice A Prohibition Notice was served by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for a defective concrete pump on the 22nd October 2008, which was being used by Floorscreed Ltd on behalf of J Coffey Construction Ltd at the Audi West Project.

The pump was inspected 2 days prior to the Prohibition Notice being served by our on site Manager, who did not report any defects. On the day of the 22nd October 2008 the visiting HSE Inspector Mr V Neaverson found the guard protecting the mixing blades to have been snapped off and the operation of the pump still in use, resulting in both J Coffey Construction Ltd and Floorscreed Ltd receiving a Prohibition Notice being served. Actions taken to satisfy the Prohibition Notice : the pump was removed from site the same day and taken to Floorscreed Ltd Plant Yard where the guard was welded back in place and a new hopper lid fitted.The pump was returned to site the next day where it was photographed for evidence of the actions being carried out and emailed to the HSE Inspector as proof, after verbal communication with the HSE Inspector he confirmed work could continue. Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009 Report No: 2 J Coffey Construction Ltd Since this incident J Coffey Construction Ltd`s Health and Safety Department have implemented Daily/Weekly check sheets to be completed when carrying out works with static and mobile concrete/screed pumps, which to date has proved very effective.Despite satisfying the Prohibition Notice and introducing new checking systems the Prohibition Notice will remain on record by the HSE for 5 years. Appendix 3.

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