Bsa375 Week 2 Individual

Johnathan W.

Cypher BSA/375 Week 2 Individual Assignment John Dunn Riordan Manufacturing has submitted as Service Request to analyze the Human Resource’s current system and make changes. The reason the company wants to do this is to integrate the tools, already used by the company and combined them into on central system. The first portion of this request will focus on the scope,feasibility of the planned project, the information gathering techniques, and the design methods of the service request. The company has concluded that the benefits of a new system far outweigh the risk of the new system.The goal of this project is to take existing tools and integrate them into a single application to make things easier for the department. . One of the main benefits of having the new integrated system would be one central system that every department can utilize.

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Make a system that incorporates all existing systems into one with cut costs for the company which then can be used in other areas of the company. The first item to be completed is to gather the requirements of the human resources proposed new system.The second is to come to a complete understanding of how the current system or systems work and which plant uses which system. The fact finding techniques will be used to accomplish this portion of the system. To ensure the analysis process has as much relevant data as possible, six stages of the information gathering process will be addressed. These six stages are; identification of each area which information is required, creating the correct research questions, determining the source of data, researching to gather raw data, confirmation of the data, deriving meaningful information from the data to make goals and requirements.When the tools that are used by the company are identified, the project team can have the questions answered by either the company or the team itself.

The project team must make sure the questions that are asked are worded in a way that will produce the best answers which will provide the best results for the new system. The team must also determine the areas to gather information for the requirements. One area is to view the procedures in the current system and identify the tasks. Examining the tasks can identify the users, interactions between the users, and the tools they utilize.By asking the senior and middle management and system users, the project team will better understand the requirements of the system and be able to create a system which may exceed the expectations of Riordan Manufacturing. The project team will utilize different strategies to come to a complete understanding of the requirements, the scope, and the limitations of the current system used by the company.

The efforts can consist of interviews and questionnaires if the company has the time and commitment needed to be productive to the project team.The project team can also gather data through observation, research, and interviewing the correct stakeholders. The interview process can serve one of six purposes.

These purposes are initial introduction, familiarization and background, fact gathering, verification of information, confirmation of information, or as a follow up. Along with interviews, the project team can use questionnaires to gather the needed information. The questionnaires can be sent out before the interview to help the team find more or new questions to ask during the interview process.

Using both the interviews and questionnaires in this way could maximize the information gathering and make best use of the team’s time. The project team can also use other methods to gather information for the new human resources system. The team can use sampling, which is selecting elements for the current tools to reveal information that can be used. A document analysis can be conducted to track the characteristics of the current system for system development. Lastly, the team can observe the current system and user interaction to validate the information.This process must be done correctly to ensure the success of the new human resource system. This step is vital because it will help with having no errors in the system requirements.

It is important to find and correct any errors in the early stages of the development process because it will be easier and less costly to fix than later on in the process. Since the time frame for this project is six months to complete the new human resources system, the project team should utilize the Rapid Application Development method. The specific development technique will be Iterative Development method.This method will provide the users with the new, preliminary system quickly and deliver feedback the users will help the team continue developing the final product.

There is a potential risk of using this development method, though. The users must know the system they will be using is incomplete and provide proper feedback in order to ensure the project team can make the correct adjustments and have the best human resources system. Iterative Development gives the team the best solution to the uniqueness of the problem and the time table that is given.