Charging Sales Tax on Internet Purchases

Charging Sales Tax on Internet Purchases Internet purchases should not have sales tax because internet shopping is supposed to be convenient for the consumer. After doing some research online I came to an article called the Incidental Economist. After reading I too had to agree that your average home eBay seller and other individual small business whose profit is less than 10,000 dollars a year should not have to do the states job of pursuing a sales tax.Was not the sales tax already paid when the Reseller first bought the product? I feel it should be his or her own profit if they are selling things that once belonged to them or in order for the seller to acquire the product in the first place it had to be bought. I feel that this is another way for the state to capitalize on a double taxing loophole.

On the other hand, there is a down-side to this. With technology evolving, more consumers are turning to the internet for the ease of shopping, bill paying, and other amenities.Imposing a sales tax could improve the economy of a state by using the money from the tax to mend roads, fund schools, and implement programs in the community. The state should be responsible for making sure that sales tax is enforced not the small business seller.

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The state should have some program that monitors transactions on the web to enforce such a law that would make paying sales tax hard to avoid. I also feel that this sales tax should be imposed on large retailers only.Your average homeowner who wants to get rid of a few things by selling them online should not be responsible for charging sales tax. To me this is very similar to charging sales tax at a yard sale; it just is not going to happen.

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