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A spirit of competitiveness has been the result of having some very intelligent people as classmates.

Besides this, a close-knit batch and a number of group course projects have ensured the development of a spirit of teamwork. Coming back to Computer Science, my interest in the subject has grown with every year I have been here. Have, over the past few months, tried to analyze my reasons for considering a career in research in the field of Computer Science. I believe the choice of research is due to thrill in thinking what no-one has thought before, I. . , In working with Ideas and In doing something creative. The liking for Computer Science comes from a deeper interest In Mathematics and in abstractions of reality (which is probably why I chose Computer 1 OFF neither be ignored nor analyzed. The most important components of my preparation for a career in research and teaching and a demonstration of my ability for the same have been my undergraduate studies.

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I have performed well at IT Bombay and am at the top of y class and of my entire undergraduate batch at the end of six semesters.My research experience has consisted primarily of a study in my Junior year (B. Tech.

Seminar) on me Probabilistic Applications of Symmetric Group Representation Theory under the guidance of Dry. Sundae Afghanistan and an ongoing project (B. Tech. Project) titled me Realistic Image Synthesis with the Radiation Method under Dry. Sahara Chandler. The seminar in my Junior year, along with courses such as me Data Structures and Algorithms, me Theory of Computation and me Design andAnalysis of Algorithms have given me a solid background in Theoretical Computer Science which is necessary for any research effort. Apart from this, I intend to take a course titled me Foundations of Parallel Computation next semester.

I have realized, however, that I find a balance of theory and practice more satisfying than something purely theoretical and this has propelled me towards Systems. I have developed a particular interest in Computer Graphics and in Networks and Distributed Systems.My preparation for research in Systems includes, apart from the many courses, a asset of research in Computer Graphics through the B. Tech. Project mentioned above. In the first stage, besides surveying the literature on the radiation method, we have outlined a new form factor algorithm which greatly reduces the aliasing problem inherent in the homicide method and a research paper is in the pipeline.

I decided to apply to the Department of Computer Science at Brown University primarily because it compares to the best in the world and has a strong faculty in my fields of interest.My advisor has encouraged me to apply, and I would consider it my privilege to be able to pursue my doctoral studies at Brown and avail of the excellent facilities and research opportunities it has to offer. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I possess the background, the ability and the motivation to make a significant contribution to Computer Science and to Brown. This is testified by my excellent academic record from school through my undergraduate years.