Drama Short Scene

CHARACTERS JENNA ROBERT GAS STATION ATTENDANT CHAPLIN [JENNA has been driving all night after a fight with her husband.

JENNA leaves a truck stop with a cup of coffee and although it is not her nature to pick up hitch hikers, at this point she figures what is the worst that can happen? Death? Then so be it. ] ROBERT: Hey, can I get a ride? JENNA: Why not? Where are you headed? ROBERT: Oklahoma. JENNA: Okay. ROBERT: [Getting in car] Where are you from? Where are you going? JENNA: Jackson, Wyoming and Jackson, Wyoming ROBERT: Are you married? JENNA: Yes ROBERT: How far can you take me? JENNA: Twin Falls, Idaho.ROBERT: You have small breasts. Do you talk to spirits? JENNA: What? What do you mean? ROBERT: My girlfriend was small like you; she spoke to the spirits and became a double D overnight.

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JENNA: [White knuckled on the steering wheel] Where is your girlfriend? ROBERT: Oklahoma. JENNA: Do you work there? ROBERT: [Looking down at his lap] No, I blew up the oil truck I was driving because I was angry. I got fired. I have no job and no money. I started my house on fire and burnt everything up. My girlfriend got mad at me because all her bras were burned. I am hoping she will forgive me when I get back to Oklahoma.

When I get angry, I just snap. JENNA: [Tongue in cheek] Are you angry now? ROBERT: No, I feel better. Are you angry now? JENNA: No, just out for a drive. I love going for drives. ROBERT: Would your husband let me come home with you? You are so pretty. JENNA: Hmmm, sorry but I don’t think so. Oh, my gosh! ROBERT: What? JENNA: My radiator is overheating! ROBERT: Why? JENNA: I don’t know! But I need to stop and let it cool down. [JENNA pulls over and retrieves a book from the glove box.

She is very nervous. ] ROBERT: What are you reading? JENNA: Just a story. ROBERT: I see the word kissing. Can I kiss you?JENNA: No, I don’t think that is a good idea. ROBERT: Ok.

JENNA: [Starts the car. ] We will stop at the next gas station. ROBERT: Are you sure I can’t kiss you? JENNA: Don’t touch my leg again! ROBERT: Ok. JENNA: Stay in the car and I will go see if someone can help me.

Or, maybe someone here can give you a ride directly to Oklahoma. ROBERT: No! I want to go with you! JENNA: Whatever, I will be right back. [JENNA walks into the gas station. Suddenly there is commotion in the parking lot.

] GAS STATION ATTENDANT: [Yelling at Jenna] Son of a bitch! If that antifreeze takes the paint off of the cars it sprayed on, your ass is grass!Your husband opened the radiator cap when it was hot! What in the hell is wrong with him? Stupid people! JENNA: He is not my husband and I am sorry. Can you look at my car and tell me why it is overheating? GAS STATION ATTENDANT: If it will get you the hell out of here! [JENNA waits nervously, hoping Robert will find a new ride and that there is nothing to serious wrong with her car. ] GAS STATION ATTENDANT: You need a new hose clamp, I have one. Twenty bucks. JENNA: Really? For a clamp? A little piece of metal? GAS STATION ATTENDANT: Take it or leave it.

JENNA: I won’t have enough gas money to make it home!ROBERT: I can get you money for gas. JENNA: What? How? ROBERT: Trust me. JENNA: Ok, go ahead and fix the car. ROBERT: Trust me. JENNA: But how are you going to get money? ROBERT: Easy we will just ask for the chaplin. JENNA: What? What in the hell are you talking about? ROBERT: Trust me. JENNA: [Getting into the car] We only have about an hour to Twin Falls. ROBERT: Will you kiss me then? JENNA: No! ROBERT: Ok.

JENNA: So tell me how your girlfriend received her double d breasts. ROBERT: It is simple. You pray to the body spirit, the breast spirit and the cosmetic spirit and the next day you will have big breasts.

You really could use a little more you know. JENNA: Robert, with all due respect, I think your girlfriend got implants and lied to you. ROBERT: [Grabbing Jenna’s arm. ] She did not lie! I prayed with her! She got the gift! Do you understand me? JENNA: Please let go of me.

I believe you. [Quietness the rest of the way. ] JENNA: We are here. Now what? Where do you want me to go? ROBERT: Find the police department. JENNA: Ok. [They drove around until they found the police department. ] JENNA: Here it is. Now what? ROBERT: Come with me.

JENNA: Do I have to?ROBERT: [Waving her on into the police department] Can I speak to the chaplain please? CHAPLAIN: What can I do for you my son? ROBERT: She needs a gas voucher and I need a bus ticket to Oklahoma. We are stranded and are trying to get home. The car broke down a ways back and we have no money. I am hungry. CHAPLAIN: Have a seat please. JENNA: It looks like you have done this before. ROBERT: [Scowling] That is my business.

JENNA: Ok. CHAPLAIN: Ok, here is a gas voucher for fifteen dollars that you can use at the Standard station right up the road and here is your bus ticket voucher along with a voucher for a hot dog and a soda.ROBERT: Thank you. Do you pray to the breast spirits? CHAPLAIN: Just be on your way now.

Blessings to you. [Jenna drives to the bus station. ] JENNA: Here you go Robert. Have a safe trip. Thank you for helping me get enough gas to get home. Bye. See ya. ROBERT: Will you wait for the bus with me? JENNA: I really need to head home Robert.

Thanks again. ROBERT: [Grabs Jenna’s arm and leans into her face] You will wait with me or I will pray to the death spirits to take your breath away. If I have to help them I will.

JENNA: [Trembling] Ok Robert, I will wait with you.ROBERT: [At the bus window] A ticket to Oklahoma City please. A hot dog, soda and a cookie for her. JENNA: Oh no, that is alright. ROBERT: Eat it! JENNA: Ok.

ROBERT: Here comes the bus. JENNA: Ok, let’s go. ROBERT: [Boarding the bus] But I want to go with you Jenna.

Please? JENNA: Robert just board the bus. Your girlfriend is waiting for you. ROBERT: Ok but will you wait until the bus leaves? JENNA: Sure ROBERT: Good bye. [Jenna watches as the bus pulls away, Robert waving goodbye.

She goes back to her car. ] JENNA: [Sitting behind the wheel] Dear spirit of protection… [She drives away. ]