Essay final

Indeed, he felt absolutely sure that he’d find my mother himself too. He really believed that he’d rescue her, and we’d all be reunited romantically, happily ever after. He knew it was just a matter of time. ” (Goldberg 3) As wee SE here, her father has hope of finding his adopted daughter’s mother. After many years where he has been searching for her, the last hope he had was to post information and wait to receive a call from someone saying that there child was born on December 25, 1973. When he finally receives a call, he meets with the anonymous caller, and sees that the caller wasn’t Christian’s other, but a desperate 70 years old woman.

This is where he loses all hope and escapes the fantasy world and he faces with the reality of life. All the hope he ever had to have a bigger family was over. Here is an example which shows this and how the reality causes him to become lifeless: “… My father feels the full weight of so many years of hope collapsing inside him. He so badly wanted to give me my mother for my birthday. But more than that, he simply hadn’t equipped himself for the possibility or certain reality that his dream of reunion would be disappointed….

Although it’s a Tuesday, my father spends the afternoon watching his elephant and lion videos. This time he’s not laughing, he mumbling to himself in Russian, holding his heavy head in his hands. After he watched all his videos, he takes the lion’s head off the wall and curls up on the couch with his own head deep inside its jaws and falls into a heavy, gently snoring sleep. (Goldberg 7). We see how the happiness he had in the beginning of the story isn’t the same as before when he was living in a fantasy world. This shows how reality can hurt