Good Education

Advantages of a Good Education What is a good education? Some say a good education consists of going to a good school, and getting a degree. Yes, acquiring a degree is important, but what good is it if it does not leads to good morals. A person can be the smartest person in the world, but if the person’s behavior is bad, the “good education” never existed. For an education to be deemed “good”, it has to promote good morals. The good morals are gotten from God’s instructions. A good education is also an education that teaches responsibility.It makes one accountable for the things that happen in their life. It gives one a mindset that he/she does not have to rely on anybody.

A good education involves getting a degree and at the same time learning what is morally right in God’s eyes. Advantages of good education include one being able to take care of his family, being able to communicate effectively and respectively, and also it reduces the number of birth rates. A good education gives someone the ability to take care of their family.Due to the fact that getting a degree increases the chance for someone to get a high paying job, people do it for the wrong motives. Some people get a good education so that they can be selfish with the money they get with their degree.

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On the other hand, someone educated to behave morally right would care to take care of the family that they have, and not just him. Even if the job is not high paying, a good education teaches one to show generosity at all time. Another advantage of a good education is that it also gives one the ability to talk effectively and respectively.

To have a degree one must have taken English and communication courses that are helpful in improving one’s grammar and communication skills. What good is one’s grammar he cannot hold a conversation with others? A good education makes one able to convey his opinion in an understandable manner. Most people who get their degrees still act disrespectful. These people graduate from colleges that are said to be good, and still use foul language. Is this kind of education “good”? A good education teaches people to talk to people around them with respect.People with good educations learn of the dangers in using abusive languages at people. A God that is perfectly righteous would not support disrespect in any form. His (God’s) word says in Ephesians 4::29,”Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear”.

Since a good education involves teaching what is morally right in God’s eyes, a person with a good education would not try his best to control his language from being abusive.The final advantage of a good education is that it reduces the number of birth rates. Uneducated men and women are one of the main causes the high numbers in birth rate. These uneducated people cause unwanted births because they are not aware of the danger of sex. Sex is not morally bad, but if it is not with a spouse it is a sin.

A good education, since it goes according to the word of God, gives people the awareness that sex before marriage is a sin. The bible tells us that God will judge those who are sexually immoral.A good education therefore In conclusion, all these advantages to a good education can all be taught through the word of God (Bible). In addition, knowing all these actions mean nothing if they are not practiced. A person can know that they should take care of their families, talk respectively, and abstain from sexual immorality, but it does not mean the person will do these things. Someone might want to do this, but human nature makes the person do otherwise.

A good education gives knowledge, but one is in charge of being practically wise.