Questions 1. Think about the elements of Graeter’s business that have stayed the same over its long history and those that have changed. Do you think the company’s owners have chosen the right factors to change over time? Why or why not? In my opinion the owners of Graeter’s business have chosen the right factors to change: productivity increase. Graeter’s is a constantly growing business. As Graeter continues to grow the more its productivity is forced to be increased. So choosing to change its product increase to allow for a greater increased capacity was the right factor to change at Graeter’s.

. Which view of social responsibility does Graeter’s management appear to take- the economic view or the socioeconomic view? What evidence in the case supports your answer? Graeter’s management appears to have developed a socioeconomic view. They have taken on responsibility not only to stock holders but also their customers, employees, suppliers and the general public. Graeter believes in giving back to the community and its families via local charities and other initiatives.Graeter’s recently celebrated a new store opening by making a cash donation to the local public library and has given a research foundation for pediatric brain cancer the proceeds from sales of a limited-tie flavor created by the winner of a special drawing created for the purpose. 3. Do you agree with Bob Graeter about what the company’s real competition is? Why or why not? Yes, I do agree with Bob’s opinion of what the company’s real competition is.

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Graeter’s real competition is not from a sales standpoint but it is what consumers would most likely prefer when they want to indulge in ice cream.