Head of Department General Functions and Duties: 1. Responsible for proper organization of and good relationships within the department coordinates with other divisions or departments of the hospital. 2. Lays down policies and formulates well-organized program of education for the medical technology staff. 3. Establish and maintains a standard of laboratory techniques in accordance with the policies of the Department of Health, which can be revised when deemed necessary, coordinates the scientific and professional activities of the department. . Recommends to the chief of hospital administrative remedies and procedures for improvement of the services of the institution.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Recommends policies for his department and directs and supervises the work of the members of the medical technology staff of the department. 2. Prepares schedules, assigning cases to members of the laboratory staff and takes into consideration their ability and experiences. . Acts as Consultant inunsual and difficult medical cases and advices medical staff on a variety of problems. 4. Coordinates professional and administrative activities of the department and calls for regular meetings with the individual members of the staff to discuss, study and anlyse interesting and special cases in the department.

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5. Evaluates performance of subordinates and conducts training of laboratory staffs. 6.

Responsible for the efficient performance of duties of subordinates and for professional conduct and service of the staff. 7. Establish and maintain a high quality standard of laboratory services by utilization of up-to-date laboratory procedures and equipment which can be revised or replace when deemed necessary. 8.

Coordinates with other departments of hospital with regards to proper diagnostic approach to patient care and provide them with necessary means to acessibility to diagnostic procedures within the resources of the laboratory.