Health Care and Faith Diversity

1. It would help to have pages number with a subtopic as in APA format. Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity- First Draft Elain Brown HLT-310V Spirituality in Health Care Grand Canyon University December 16th, 2012 Abstract (good abstract included. ) When caring for patients whose backgrounds are different to their own, nurses may find it difficult to understand their perspective and needs, and may make assumptions about them that turn out to be mistaken as stated by Komaromy,( 2004).

Although there are many different religions, the three that will be elaborated on and compared to the Christian religion are Islam, Buddhism and Bahia Faith. The paper will show that spirituality is inherent, regardless of where you are from or the difference in culture. The basic beliefs about healing and prayer is not that much different from Christianity. They all share the common values of caring for their fellowmen, and receiving healing from illness. Islam This is the second largest religion, next to Christianity with 1. billion followers. This is based on the leadership of the Prophet Mohammad and they follow the teachings of the Quran. They believe there is only one God, (Allah and that they should submit to His will. The Islamic (there is a beginning parentheses but no clue where it ends to separate the idea). faith teaches what is called the five Pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and aim. Depending on each person’s deed during his lifetime, he will go to paradise or hell after death.

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This faith believes in praying to Allah for healing when one is sick, but at the same time they think God may cause illness as a test, a way of getting mankind to return to God’s purpose. During illness one must seek God’s help with patience and prayer. (Ai(should this be capitalized? ). The Art Institutes – Religious Facts) Religion Facts. com. (Is this acitation, a bit confusing? ) Basically the Islamic religion believes that all illness is caused from the heart and until the heart is right, one cannot be healed.

The heart becomes right by asking for forgiveness from Allah, Another important aspect of this religion in health care understanding( watch the spacing between words) regarding touch, such as a female bathing a male patient and handling of the body after the patient passes. Bahia good information This religion was founded by Baha’u’llah in 1863, and has approximately 5-7 million followers. The belief is to develop in spirituality and draw closer to God. There is but one God who is the ruler of the universe.

The belief is that God does not need us to worship Him but what he asked us to do, is to benefit mankind (Religion Facts. com). This religion believes that after life the soul separates from the body and begins a journey towards or away from God. Heaven and hell are states of being. The Bahia faith practices daily prayer, avoids intoxication by drinking or smoking, hardworking, believes in education, works for social justice and equality, and practices monogamy. There is a prayer for every occasion, such as for healing, growth, difficulties in life and marriage.

One must pray and fast to receive healing, (Boston Healing Landscape, Boston University). Buddhism Founded by Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha), in c. 520 BC NE India. The religion has since split into several sects and has adapted a wide variety of beliefs( include period) ( Add this to beginning of next sentence). it has. Over 360 million followers. The purpose is to avoid suffering and gain enlightenment and release from the cycle of rebirth, or at least attain a better rebirth by gaining merit.

The Buddhist believes in reincarnation of all creatures and is strict vegetarians. They do not think the world is created or ruled by God. (The Big Religion- Chart Religious Facts). The universe is populated by celestial Buddha that inspires people to do well. Anyone can become a Buddha by gaining merit. Each person should work for goodness, happiness and peace, develop wisdom which leads to the realization of ultimate truth, they believe. There are several different Buddha that inspire mankind, such as the Medicine Buddha for healing.

Healing and lasting happiness is achieved through meditation. Buddha taught that human suffering is caused because they pursue things that do not give lasting happiness. Buddhism has a variety of rituals and practices which are meant to aid to the journey of enlightenment and bring blessings to others and oneself( endofathought needs period) Buddha of Healing is concerned with helping beings to awaken their past deeds and to seek change of their negative patterns this is known as the aspiration to attain enlightenment (Gordon Bell 1196, 1998).

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ and is the largest religious group in the world . Today it has over 2 billion believers worldwide and started in Israel in c 30, AD . Christians believe in one God who is a Trinity; Father, Son And Holy Spirit Christians believe that all must come to God for forgiveness and salvation. They believe that there is a physical heaven and hell. ( needs to be clearer, is it a period or comma to much information for one sentence) just like Islam, and that one has to be forgiven and live a life that pleases God to get to heaven , after death.

Over time Christianity has split into different religion just like Bahia, but the difference is that their belief is basic and they agree on the fundamentals of the Bible. The Christian believes that he should pray for forgiveness and healing when he(is) are sick. Their belief is built on their faith in Jesus Christ. According to James 5: (12-15), if anyone is sick he should call for the elders of the church who should pray for him and anoint him with oil. The prayer of faith will save him and his sins will be forgiven.

Like Buddha the Christian is asked to pray for forgiveness and healing , the Buddha believes that one should meditate to achieve enlightenment and that one causes unhappiness to himself, by his own deed. Spirituality continues to be a challenge for the health care provider the challenge for the nursing professional is to develop a definition of spirituality which is broad enough to accommodate the uniqueness of all individuals , patient and nurses and all humanity (Trapper and McSherry, 1998). Nurses should strive to respect patients irrespective of belief, values or religious orientation.

Even when they may be undeserving in our thoughts. They may be unpleasant but they deserve care. They may appear unpleasant simply because they are misunderstood. (good statement). Patients of different faith, need to be given the opportunity(watch spacing) by the care giver to express, their beliefs and expect it to be incorporated in their care. This should start at admission, when certain questions need to be asked as a part of the admission process. They should be “what is your . religious belief : or “how do you cope under stress? good idea) This will give the nurse more knowledge of the patient and these values should be a part of the care plan. It is very important that all patients trust their caregiver to do the right thing for them regardless of color, creed or kind. The nurse should do no further harm to her patient, whether it be physical or spiritual.. Cultural sensitivity and religious belief are very important parts of nursing care. The nurse should also be aware that people from the same culture may also have different faith, and should treat each patient as an individual. good) When patients view health care workers as being sensitive to their culture and faith, then they are more likely to respond to care, education and healing. If a patient feels that he is in an environment where he perceives bias then he probably won’t respond as well to treatment. .In keeping with the Christian philosophy, the Bible stated that Jesus went around different regions, villages and cities , where he preached, taught , and healed the sick and broken hearted. He showed empathy, sometimes just by a touch.

Nurses may not always be able to touch, but maybe just a smile may be all that patient need to see to feel welcomed. (more of a conclusion needed to tie the comparison together). References The Big Religion Chart –Religious Facts Komaromy , Carol : Cultural diversity in death and dying; Nurse Management 11-8 (Dec 2004):32-6 Illness and Health: Division of Graduate Medical Science (Boston University, school of Medicine) Dorsey, L (1998) Healing words: The power of prayer and the practice of medicine ; San Francisco, CA Harper Collins James 5 verses 12-15. Overall peer review . The paper provides evidence of th e perspective healing of 3 religions. I would have liked to seen it more incorporated in how nurses could use traditions. 2. The flow of the paper was well with one or two needs to separate sentencespreventing run on . 3. The organization was well with subtitles. Components for healing and Christian Philosophy of Faith and Healing could have have been additional subtitles. 4. The paper met the wording requirement thereby following the assigned guidelines. The writer had a good understanding of what was expected in the assignment.