Identifying a Problem

Identifying a Problem T. L. Wilson Grand Canyon University Professional Research Project NRS-441V March 19, 2013 Identifying a Problem The clinical environment that I previously worked in was a correctional institution. During the time that I worked in corrections I encountered several inmates that had HIV.

It was this environment and the experience that I received this idea and it is what gives me the inspiration to build a proposal for change.Within this system is where I discovered that staff was not receiving much prevention and education and the inmates were not receiving any prevention education at all. During the time that I worked in corrections and encountered individuals with HIV. One evening while running the medication line a 17 year old stepped to the medication window to receive his medication. His medication was a barrage of HIV antivirals. I was shocked and found the situation to be very disturbing. I assumed this bothered me because I also had a child this age.The whole scenario of this young man having HIV made me feel as though somehow I had dropped the ball on him and his situation and let this young men down.

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I often wondered if this young man had been instructed on prevention and education prior to his HIV diagnoses. As health professional and a parent that situation personally left me feeling responsible as well as driven to do all that I can to get people educated regarding HIV prevention and education. After that initial shock wore off I encountered several others that crossed my path ranging in age from 17-21 that were HIV positive also.I also discovered that the staff and well as the inmates were in disparate need of a primary prevention and education plan. As a fully staffed health care unit there was very little to no patient teaching being conducted. I feel that it is very important that a preventive and health management program be implemented for inmates as well as staff. The purpose of such a program for staff would ensure that inmate/patients gained knowledge of their status.

Implementing a preventive nd education program would give inmates insight in to their diagnosis and encourage medication compliance in addition to giving the inmate/patient the opportunity to take part in the management of their own health. This would be accomplished by being compliant with their medication and avoiding at risk behavior such as sexual activity or acquiring tattoos or any other at risk behavior. As for the health care staff and security staff an in depth expanding their knowledge base with a thorough system to educate and one that promotes prevention will decrease the exposure risk for staff and inmates.