Internship Report

Internship report Full name: Duong Khanh Huyen Trang Class: DAA7 * Company: Dai Viet Information and Telecommunication Joint Stock Company * Address: 3B/5 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City * Head office: Floor 21st Capital TOWER, 160 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City * Tel: 04. 92. 888. 880 – 04. 62. 999.. 990990 – Fax: 04. 62. 999 * Legal status: Joint Stock Company * Number of employees: over 50 * Date of creation: 25 March 2011 * Activities – Range of product: 1. Business is operated as a joint-stock company, main areas of Dai Viet including: * Advertise online media: Google Adwords, SEO / SEM, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo,… * Banner on electronic media: Reuters, Vnexpress, Vietnamnet … Floors E-commerce transactions: Loinhuan. com. vn * Design, upgrades, maintenance, security, websites and other related services; * Logo Design, market, backrop, Profile … * Design, upgrading and development of software systems Management: Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, Management, Management student, electronic communication system based schools across the country … based on Cloud Computer modern technology nowadays. * Renting servers, system servers, Hosting; Consulting, design, providing overall solutions LAN, WAN networks * Providing services, online payment, insurance, buying and selling online goods, switching systems in the country and foreign countries. 2. Key products and services 2. 1. – Eshops: Online store is a completely new e-commerce business model which allow many organizations, businesses and individuals to participate. Currently, Dai Viet Co. is providing eshops services online in e-commerce trading platform by www. loinhuan. com. vn with various registration forms: * Eshops freely on www. loinhuan. com. vn VIP Booths 6 months or 12 months * Super VIP booth 6 months or 12 months * Management Services With competitive prices, with remarkable over 60,000 hits / day on e-commerce trading platform www. loinhuan. com. vn. Remarkably, nearly 3000 online transactions and eshops, Dai Viet has been provided to more than 50,000 for businesses and individuals across the country. 2. 2 – Online advertising Online advertising services Dai Viet focused on business with the aim to give customers more effective marketing channels, saving costs while improving the value and competitiveness of media businesses, brands.

So far, company has begun communication channels with other forms of online advertising: * Put Banner Advertising on www. loinhuan. com. vn/ …. and electronic newspapers in Vietnam as: Dantri. com, VnExpress. net, VietnamNet, … * The press media (PR by introduction articles on business newspapers, websites) * Free classifieds services and charged advertising on e-commerce trading platform www. loinhuan. com. vn and main page such as bangtin. vn. Currently, Dai Viet JS Company has established a network of valued clients with hundreds of businesses, well-known and others brands and often used online advertising such as: Viet Tien Garment Corporation , May 10 Corporation, Unilever Vietnam, Daewoo, Hitachi, Samsung Group, HP, Pico, Picenza, Viettel, Vietcombank, MB Bank, Honda Vietnam, Ford, Toyota, Mecerdec, AAA, PVN, PVCID, P & G, … 2. 3 – Other Services Website Areas on the Website is considered to be a key investment in the business strategy and the development of e-commerce services of Dai Viet. Services about Dai Viet website are provided: Web Design Package * Web Design as required * Design e-portal system * Cheap Web * Super-speed Web * Upgrade, developing content, improvement, maintenance, security and other related services * Professional Management In 2011, Dai Viet Company has designed and provided services to approximately 5,500 customers in the country, which offers about 1,500 websites cheap, high speed surfing on the web for organizations, individuals and businesses throughout the country , also serving upgrade, improve functionality, and security management on the website for hundreds of businesses in many different industrial sectors.

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Especially in 2012, company continued to provide about 15,000 cheap website, super-speed website for customers participated. 2. 4 – SEO / SEM / Google Adwords SEO, SEM, keyword advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are now more wider and wider to promote promotion activities, developing brand. Catching this trends and their needs, Dai Viet deployed service packs such as SEO keywords, developing brand, product for enterprises with more attractive preferential policies.

Joining the SEO / SEM, keyword advertising service packages, customer will be guided with free keyword selection method, allocated budget& time plan and method of SEO, SEM in the efficient way and saving costs. A. Target: Company is focusing on investment for serving E-commerce serivces, continually upgrade and complete products and services, offering and launching new products to meet more requirements from exist and potential customers.

Its aim is to develop website packages especially for individuals, small and medium sized company with their expectations to bring cheap costs and effective selling online and business channels, which is a part of building a ground for E-commerce Market. B. Human resource department: Describe the HR missions * Recruitment method: Company recruits its employee’s mostly by interview and they do not take any written examination of the candidates. But the interviews are conducted by several steps, which are, in first round if someone qualifies the interview then they are selected for the second round of the interview. These types of nterviews are arranged for officer, executive and managerial level. But for the technical posts like IT department computer literacy is tested. But recently company has stated taking written examination on computer for finance and accounts department and also for other departments as well. Only in case of design website the applicants has to present their portfolio. * Requisition for staff: In the beginning of the year all the departments’ head send their requisition in a fixed form to the HR department estimating the requirement of new staff for the whole year in their respective department, then HR collects the approval of the director.

HRD would make yearly plan to recruit staff on the basis of the received approved requisition. According to the organizational chart, it is previously determined how many people are required to run a particular department or to do a specific kind of job. So with the resignation of an employee respective department needs to get approval for a new position, it forwards the form to HRD along with the detail particulars like educational level, experience, interpersonal skills and other skills that the job required of the deserving candidate. * Check and Verify organizational chart:

Once the HR department receives an approved job requisition, it is the foremost duty of the HR departments to check and verify the approval with the organizational chart. Next, the manager of HR prepares the job watch, which is to circulate for job announcement. This job watch contains job responsibility, objectives, number of vacancies of the department, educational background of the candidate, working experience and other interpersonal skills. The job watch basically asks the potential candidate to send their CV if they qualify the minimum qualification level. C. Mission: Take part in training lessons for internship students I have to attend the soft skills training for the internship to gain more knowledge and study some guideline and experiences for working environment in daily. Teachers who graduated MA, help them to solve some problems what may be happen in the job. We are trial to play the role with different positions, we have to deal with the job in given situation. At the end of the lessons, we must make the notes and are evaluated our performance in each lessons. Its affect the assessment of General Director during internships. Find out the recruiting process, analyse the ad and cons of this process All the informations about Recruiting Process, it is quite complete for the company to prepare the ISO’s assessment, the shortage of human and space for working, in next 3 months it will have been satisfied. Because the issue of the scale of the company, to relevant the situations of this company, HR will change some steps to suitable operation system. I may ask the person who responsible for this tasks or directly help them to implement the job.

After that, I realize that sending feedback by sending automatically email to unsuccessful candidates to save time. D. Difficulties: * In the beginning, it is difficult for every internship students to implement the tasks or understand how to do the job. I have to depend on the guideline of managers and ask him about the job in details, even I have done the tasks as many times until I didn’t make any mistakes. By answering all questions for the applicants, I have to explain steps by steps to make sure that they apply for the job followed HRM’s rules.