Obamacare Outline

Topic: Obamacare Health Reform Thesis: Obamacare is beneficial despite its downfalls, being that it provides healthcare, promote health, and control cost. Possible Introduction: Obamacare is a new law to take full effect in 2014 that can provide 32 million uninsured Americans with health insurance. Insurance company’s costs will be lower and more affordable for everyone.

The law sounds great, but many people believe Obamacare can cause problems with quality of service provided and many other issues. Main Point 1: Healthcare Sub-Point 1: Access to healthcare for everyoneSub-Point 2: Pre-existing conditions Main Point 2: Promotes Health Sub-Point 1: No cost preventive care Sub-Point 2: Reformed Medicare Main Point 3: Controls Cost Sub-Point 1: Limits cost increase Sub-Point 2: Tax credits Main Point 4: Opposing point of view Sub-Point 1: Cost may increase Sub-Point 2: Tax for not having insurance Possible Conclusion: Even though there are some downfalls with the new health reform, the benefits can outweigh the drawbacks. American’s will finally be healthier than before with a lower cost choice.If American’s compare the pros and cons of Obamacare people will see that the pros rule over the cons. Obamacare will be a good move for Americans. References: The White House (2012).

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