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To what extents do ways of knowing prevent us from deluding ourselves? Justify your answer with reference to at least one area of knowledge. Education Is currently the most important thing In a child’s life. Education provides us with knowledge about the world. It will pave the way for a good career in the future. It helps us to build our character while also enlightens us with knowledge.

It wipes out the wrong beliefs from our minds. Additionally, it helps us to get a lucid picture of the world around us.From education, children learn basic things such as numbers and alphabets, and later they learn how to use alphabets to spell a word and later learn how to make sentences using words. Education is very Important in a child because it could help the child to classify, categorize, communicate, and also understand what are they actually about to do later on In his/her future life. Moreover, It Is also Important because It equips us with the expertise that Is needed in helping us realize our career goals.And yet inequality in education means that mom children do not reach their full potential because their possibilities are limited before they even begin.

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Ways of Knowing helps us to comprehend Areas of Knowledge by linking them with real life situations. For example: Human or Natural Science is an area of knowledge that truly depends on Logical or Reasoning and Sense Perception because the experiments and observations that are conducted are mostly analyzed by the Ways of Knowing as I already mentioned before.We depend on science because It gives us unbiased and verifiable knowledge to make decisions In our everyday lives.

Science utilizes several scientific methods such as facts, theories, hypotheses and laws for foolproof evidences except for theories since theories can only be accepted or confirmed because it is not always correct. Ways of Knowing are compulsory to have and it is consistently used day-to- day in all situations that we are facing at this present time. TOOK has 8 Ways of knowing, and I will explore and discuss in 3 ways: – Sensory Perception, Reasoning/ Logic and emotions.While delusion is an anomalous belief that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what Is generally accepted as reality. Typically, it occurs in the context of mental or neurological Illness. “Deluding ourselves,” means to mislead our Intellectual mind or Judgment. It means deceiving ourselves.

In other words, the question is “To what extent do ways of will have different delusions about different things, and what we perceive depends not merely upon physical, chemical and biological factors, it also to some extent, depends on our belief and expectations.What puzzles us about those delusions that seem to come out of nowhere is that the person reports them with conviction, but doesn’t seem to genuinely endorse them, whereas there is no doubt that framework beliefs are endorsed. SKI: Delusion is a symptom of some mental ailment, such as schizophrenia, schizophrenia disorder, specification disorder, and delusional disorder.

Richard Moran developed the hypothesis or notion of authorship, which captures the sense in which we know what our Judgments are on the basis of the fact that we support their content.We can introspect some of our beliefs or opinions and we can deduce some of our beliefs from our past behavior. Any knowledge, or perceived knowledge, in a state of delusion is not based on reality. Imagination may think of as a creative form of delusion. Various mental illnesses are types of delusion, but so are daydreams where our mind roams free.

Both delusion and illusion keep us off track when we are pursuing certain goals in life.Each one of the Ways of Knowing has their own advantages and disadvantages, which I would discuss in relation to the Knowledge Issue. For example: Sensory Perception is a way of knowing that often can be tested continually, although this is not entirely accurate to observe something because our senses have their own limits ND all phenomena are not easily perceivable or observable. Sensory Perception is put to use day-to-day to observe the things/events that happen each day.The reason why Sensory Perception is important to me is because it helps me live my everyday life. I can hear -which helps me understand what are my teachers or friends are saying. I can smell and taste the delicious food that my mother make everyday.

Another example is that by reasoning, it doesn’t depend upon the limits of sensory observation, notwithstanding the fact that it may work with abstractions or theories hat may be unrelated to the “real world we live in”.