Organizational Climate

Factors Affecting Organizational Climate and Retention Organizational Change Change refers to new reporting relationships, responsibilities, procedures, policies, equipment, tools, and/or software used on the job. Think about how an organization or work unit responds to change as a whole, rather than how individuals respond. Communication Communication addresses how information flows in an organization. Service Service is defined as meeting the needs and expectations of the persons (children, youth and families) for whom you are performing your work.This does not refer to the management, but the persons who benefit from the work. Compensation Monetary compensation is an employee’s gross payroll pay rate and benefits programs funded by an organization or agency. Flextime and benefits like agency-based childcare are closely related to compensation. Organizational Culture Culture describes how things are done in an organization or agency.

Decision-making Decision-making is the process used in selecting a solution to a problem, deciding how to allocate funds or resources and how to reorganize work.Individual Competencies Competencies refer to work related skills and knowledge. Morale Morale is how an employee feels about him or herself. How good or bad do they feel about their self-image in relationship to what they do where they work and how they are doing at their place of employment. Performance Evaluation Performance evaluations are formal, written appraisals of an employee’s work as well as informal verbal feedback given to employees about work by supervisors or by team members in self-directed work teams.

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QualityQuality refers to doing things right the first time. Quality services means meeting the needs, standards, and expectations of clients being served. Supervision Relate to the employee’s relationship with the person to whom they report in an organization.

Training and Development Training and development refers to work related educational experiences offered by the organization to its employees to increase their skills and knowledge. Mission The organization’s mission is its purpose for providing services to its clients (children, youth and families)