Physical Development 0-19 Years

Understanding Child and Young Person Development Assignment 023 – Table 1 – Physical Development Explain the sequence and rate of development Age Range 0-3 Months Many babies are born around the 40th week are born with reflexes which include swallowing and sucking reflex this is so they can swallow milk and in conjunct with that they also have the rooting reflex they move head from side to side in order to find the nipple or the teat. They also have the grasp reflex and standing and walking reflex.When first born they sleep a lot but after one month they start to become more observant and stay awake longer. Babies start to look less curled up, like in the featal position and they don’t startle or jump as frequently. 3-6 Months At this age babies have gained weight and grown in height. Babies are lifting and turning heads.

Many skills are apparent now like playing, smiling, laughing and squealing. They can reach out and grab a toy. They can roll from back to front and also balance on their fronts like they want to get up on their legs and crawl. -9 Months The physical development at this stage has progressed a lot and babies are able to explore so much more they are crawling or finding other ways to get around, they can sit up without support and spend a lot of time playing.

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9-12 Months Babies are able to crawl very quickly and pull themselves up on furniture and walk round it and may are on the verge of walking. They are using fingers to feed themselves. 1-2 Years At this stage babies have found their feet and are completely mobile, they walk quickly in their feet and are named ‘toddlers’. -4 Years Toddlers are now confident in walking and enjoy playing and picking up things, they go on to realise they are independent from their parents, they are now running and climbing, moving chairs to climb is also very common. 4-7 Years Compared to other development the physical ones slow down around this age but the skills like using scissors and pouring are used and activities like kicking and controlling a ball and handwriting improves. -12 Years Physically children are able to do things at a faster rate, drawing a simple picture becomes easier and dressing themselves.

Growth and change to their bodies. 12-16 Years This is when physically girls and boys tend to differ they change in to men and women at different rates. By 15 or 16 girls have become women but boys don’t start puberty till around 14 years of age and takes about 3 years. Body shapes are changing. 16-19 Years