Public Speaking

ADD 1102- PUBLIC SPEAKING (ASSIGNMENT 1) ASSIGNMENT ONE PROPSAL –FOR INFORMATIVE SPEECH ID-I07006815 Proposal For Speech on the Effects OF Holly Wood Movies On The Youths. I am going to give a speech on the Effects of Holly Wood Movies on the Youths.

My purpose of this speech is to alert youths around the world to know the negativity of watching Holly Wood movies. My age bracket I call the youth in this presentation is from the age of 15 to the age of 25, 26 years old youths These are some of the negativity of watching Holly Wood Movies- * ViolenceThis is one of the really important negativity of Holly Wood movies, Violence scenes are shown in Holly Wood movies, teaching the general public of violence and the youths are mostly the affected ones in this case, since they are still growing up, they can be easily influenced by these movies example of movies with violent contents are a. Scarface, Terminator series, etc Most of these movies contain scenes of killing, gangster way of living, using weapons, guns, knives, usually when young adults, youths see these movies they will follow and imitate their behavior, because they just think its cool. Eroticism Most Holly Wood movies have Erotic scenes, such as bareness and sex, many problems such as porno, coprology, canal’s and One-night love has emerged and became prevalent. Everybody knows that it is a moral backwardness of the society. It also leads to the growth of divorce rate.

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This makes the smallest cell of the society family insecure, displaced and transitory. This affects the youth they watch these erotic scenes and they see sexual scenes and as youths they want to try new things so they watch this movies and try to do or act what they see on the movies.This can lead to bad morals, and can lead to unwanted pregnancies, abortion etc. * Unrealistic contents Holly wood movies contain unrealistic contents, Hollywood is never going to show the public a real life situation from scene one to the final scene; this would not be creative, it would not sell, so they manipulate the story line and characters to make things more interesting to their way of thinking. So to make profit This affects the youths because they think life is that easy and fun fill and they follow what they see in these movies * Shows bad habits (Smoking)In a 1999 survey of more than 4,900 school children aged nine to fifteen in Vermont and New Hampshire, those who had been exposed to more incidents of smoking in the films they recalled seeing were much more likely to have tried smoking (even after adjusting for other factors associated with smoking and smoking initiation or experimentation).

The kids were asked which of 50 movies from a randomly chosen list of recent movies they had seen,and only 4. 9 percent of kids who had seen zero to 50 incidences of smoking in the movies they had seen from that sample had tried smoking, compared to 13. percent who had seen 51 to 100 incidences of smoking, 22. 1 percent who had seen 101 to 150, and 31. 3 percent who had seen more than 150.

In other words, those with the heaviest exposure to smoking through the movies they attended were more than two and a half times more likely to have tried smoking than those with the least exposure to smoking in movies. Conclusion I think Holly Wood movies are bad influences on the youths, thou it has good aspects too, like help people to know a little more about History and also can gain knowledge too in some aspects.I suggest the directors and producers of these Holly Wood Movies should try to change the theme of there movies and try to stop sending out the wrong message to the general public or try to make strict restrictions of some movies to some certain age of people cinemas should be more strict. Mostly reduce the sexual scenes, try to be more realistic and try not to send the wrong message across.

Try restrictions of some movies to some certain age of people. I think this would help to reduce or help the youth and reduce all this wrong messages sent. Thank you.