BUS 1003 Management and Leadership Coursework – Report and Case Study ————————————————- ————————————————- Instructor: ————————————————- Due Date:Week 8 ————————————————- Length of Report:750 – 1,000 words ————————————————- Weight:20% (10% Report- Group, 10% Case Study – Individual) Task 1 – Group 10% Write a report based on a designated case application from the Robbins; Coulter; Sidani and Jamali ‘Management’ text.Your report should include the following information: * complete company name, company’s start, line of business, management team, and recent performance * identification of the company’s mission, goals, and corporate strategy.

* notable management issues Task 2 – Individual 10% * answer three questions in Exam conditions related to your case application * Given your research and your answers provide a reflection on whether you would consider working for such a company (provide a convincing argument to support your endorsement or condemnation of the company) Your report should follow the below format. Cover Page * Table of Contents * Introduction * Discussion * Conclusion This assignment will assess your ability to: 1. Provide an overview and control the task 2. Identify and discuss relevant management issues 3. Access & document relevant resources 4. Use professional language appropriate to the task including: * register * vocabulary choice * complexity of language and tone Case Application 3 – Making you Say Wow (Chapter 3 page 68-69) When you hear the name the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, what words come to your mind? Luxurious? Elegant? Formal, or maybe even stodgy?Way beyond my budget constraints? Three words that the company hopes come to mind are exemplary customer service. Ritz-Carlton is committed to treating its guests like royalty. It has one of the most distinctive corporate cultures in the lodging industry, and employees are referred to as “our ladies and gentleman.

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” Its motto is printed on a card that employees carry with them: “We are Ladies and Gentleman serving Ladies and Gentleman. ” And these ladies and gentleman of the Ritz have been trained in very precise standards and specifications for treating customers.These standards were established more than a century ago by founders Caesar Ritz and August Escoffier.

Ritz employees are continually schooled in company lore and company values. Every day at 15-minute “lineup” sessions at each hotel propoerty, managers reinforce company values and review techniques. And these values are the basis for all employee training and rewards. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to providing exemplary customer service. Potential recruits are tested both for cultural fit and for traits associated with an innate passion to serve.

A company executive says, “The smile has to come naturally”. Although staff memebers are expected to be warm and caring, their behaviour towards guests had been extremely detailed and scripted. That is why a new customer service philosophy implemented in mid-2006 was such as radical departure from what the Ritz had been doing. The Company’s new approach is almost the opposite from what the company had been doing.

Do not tell employees how to make guests happy. Now they are expected to figure it out. Says Diana Oreck, vice president, “We moved away from the eavily prescriptive, scripted appproach and toward managing to outcomes”.

The outcome didn’t change, though. The goal is still a happy guest who’s wowed by the service received. Howevery, under the new approach, staff members interactions with guests are more natural, relaxed, and authentic rather than sounding like they are recited lines from a manual Note: Instructors must insert their own three questions.

. MARKING PROFORMA BUS 1003 Management and Leadership Midterm Assessment: Report (20%) Feedback Key: A 8. 5 – 10, B= 7. 5 – 8. 4, C=6. 5 -7. – , D= 6 – 6. 4, F= 5.

9 – 0 40 points SPECIFIC CRITERIA| | | A| B| C| D| F| Demonstrates an understanding of the task and key concepts/issues involved in the report. | | | | | | Appropriate use and acknowledgement of professional and/or research literature and resources. * a variety of sources used appropriately to support claims, where relevant * independent selection of appropriate academic sources, where relevant| | | | | | Structure and organization of the report and related documents are clear, coherent and professionally formatted. | | | | | Presentation of the written report is according to appropriate academic convention, relevant, correct linguistic conventions in written language including correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and choice of appropriate register, vocabulary choice, complexity of language and tone. | | | | | | Comments Total for Task One| Task 2 – Case Study Assessment Feedback Key: A 8. 5 – 10, B= 7. 5 – 8. 4, C=6.

5 -7. 4 – , D= 6 – 6. 4, F= 5. 9 – 0 40 points Specific Criteria| | | A| B| C| D| F|Question one displays a clear understanding of the concepts and the ideas was explained well with full justification| | | | | | Question two displays a clear understanding of the concepts and the ideas was explained well with full justification| | | | | | Question three displays a clear understanding of the concepts and the ideas was explained well with full justification| | | | | | The reflection provided a convincing justification supported with evidence for the choice of whether to work in the organization or not| | | | | | CommentsTotal for task 2Grand Total /80×100 = %Assessor___________________Date ______________Grade______ | GRADE DESCRIPTORS Grade A: Excellent Overall, a very impressive and excellent piece of work. Includes the majority of the following features: * Demonstrates an understanding of the task which may be beyond what is expected, but which is always relevant. * Original perspective on the problems in question. Contextualization of sources and viewpoints and comprehensive evaluation of contributions.

Insightful application of relevant theories in addressing the issues/questions. Use of wide range of relevant sources, which are integrated and critically evaluated. * Well-structured and organized with a clearly developed line of reasoning. Appropriate length.

* Referencing follows consistent academic conventions with all references fully and accurately cited. * Clear, articulate style with accurate spelling, word choice and grammar. Target band level surpassed by 1. 0 Grade B: Good Overall, a good and commendable piece of work.

Includes the majority of the following features: * Demonstrates sound understanding of the task. Presentation of points and arguments generally relevant to the question. * Sustained commentary on evidence and materials used. Inclusion of appropriate critical perspective.Use of theoretical models in a relevant way to address the issues/questions. * Sound understanding of main sources of literature, well summarized and used in a critical and relevant way. * Clear structure and presentation. Control of length.

* Generally consistent and accurate referencing. * Generally accurate spelling, word choice and grammar. Target band level surpassed by 0.

5. Grade C: Satisfactory Overall, a satisfactory piece of work. Includes the majority of the following features: * Understands main point of the task. Most points and arguments presented are relevant to the question. * Adequate commentary on evidence and materials used.Some evidence of critical awareness.

Use and understanding of theoretical models, but in a fairly pedestrian way. * Adequate range of source material consulted. Clear understanding of the literature used. * Good structure and presentation, minor problems in organization do not impede communication. Control of length * Generally consistent referencing.

* Comprehensible spelling, word choice and grammar, inaccuracies do not impede meaning. Target band level achieved. Grade D: Marginal Pass Overall, a bear pass. Includes the majority of the following features: * Understanding of basic concepts and effort made to relate them to the question.

Argument mainly descriptive points and/or points which requires greater substantiation. More development of ideas needed to sustain an argument. Identification of main issues, but little critical awareness. * Some evidence of reading and understanding of the literature, but range and /or relevance very limited. * Attempt made at coherent presentation, but ideas not well integrated. Length may be considerably off target. * Some attempt at consistent referencing.

* Comprehensible spelling, word choice and grammar, although inaccuracies may sometimes impede meaning. Below the target band level. Grade F: Failure Overall, a very poor piece of work.Includes the majority of the following features: * Inadequate or misunderstanding of task. Purely descriptive account with little or no analysis.

* Irrelevant comments and/or assertions, which are not supported by meaningful evidence. Little evidence of integration of various sources to sustain an argument. Lack of any critical or appreciative framework.

* Few relevant sources used and/or little use of literature. * Unstructured presentation and/or lack of coherence, which impedes understanding. Length problematic. * Little or no attempt at consistent referencing. * Major inaccuracies in grammar, word choice and spelling.

Well below the prescribed proficiency IELTS. Student Declaration:This assignment is entirely my own work except where I have duly acknowledged other sources in the text and listed those sources at the end of the assignment; I have not previously submitted this work to the HCT; I understand that I may be orally examined on my submission. Signed: _______________________________ Date:______________________________ Remarks: If you wish to have a formal acknowledgment of assignment receipt, please complete the following slip. ———————————————————————————————————————————- Acknowledgment Course code|  BUS1003| Course title|  Management & Leadership| Topic of Assignment|  Case Study Analysis | Student ID No. |  | Received on: ___________________________________ Assessor/Examiner___________________ Date ______________ Grade ______