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This is a famous Pepsi commercial, known for the famous song “We will rock you” of Queen, covered by the trio powerful singers of America, Beyond©, P! Ink and Brittany Spear, also with the appearance of the famous Spanish singer/actor Unripe Gallerias. This video is rather plot like, very excited, very inspiring, with the setting of citizen, kings and queens and gladiator under the Coliseum of Rome. The three female gladiators were put up to fight each other (Beyond©, P! And Brittany Spear) for the entertainment of the King (Unripe) while he was drinking Pepsi. The crowd-citizen doesn’t seem to like him, as if he is a tyrant, and therefore there were Judgment for him everywhere. This advertisement company did made a nice comparison, comparing the possession of the King’s Pepsi is like a possession of gold that causes the angry mob, especially it was a hot sunny day for all of them.

And so, to trigger the audience interest, when the three gladiators were unleash to fight, they give up their weapon and start singing We will Rock you, like an inspiring tool saying “Pepsi will rock you”. Eventually, the lyrics was indeed powerful, ” blood on your face, you’re big disgrace, somebody got to take your hand and out it into place”, all very fit the context of wanting to defeat the King. And when they did, the Pepsi Just became a prize and everybody cheered, making Pepsi even more special.Furthermore, Pepsi represented he breakthrough of monarchy; emphasize the individualistic powerful personality that Americans believe they have. Focusing on the detail, not only the advertisement is remarkable in term of content, music and actors but the fact It was release around the summer time make it even more famous. Cold Pepsi under hot sunny day, with the gulp sound as the king swallow the drink, and the sound of pop gas when opened the can, it gives a refreshing feeling and therefore very likely to be memorize and consumed greatly.

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