Retail Manager

| 2012| | Triangle Tribe Recruitment| Recuritment of retail manager| | Table of contents Contents Page no.

Job analysis 2, 3, 4 Job description 5 Personnel specification 6 Method of recruitment 6, 7 Advertising campaign 8, 9 Action plan with timelines 10 EEO principles 11 References 12

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Job analysis Job analysis focuses on what job holders are expected to do. It provides the root for a job description, which in turn influences decisions taken on recruitment, training, performance appraisal and reward systems. http://tutor2u. net/business/people/recruitment_jobanalysis. asp Three different methods used for collecting data are: 1) Interview (Mr Harry Retail manager , Myers) 0430301757 1) Tell me something about your job? My job includes what I want and it includes managing all the duties related with retailing of products and keep checking on staff so that they have to follow code of conduct. | 2) What are the main responsibilities during working hours? | Main responsibilities during work hours are to keep customers happy and solving their complaints at any costs other than this duties like Managing staff, Doing rosters, Boosting up moral level of employees, Handling sales and purchases for the store are some of my major duties. | 3) What are the main problems during work? Problems like solving customer queries and marinating stock for each brand are the problems during working hours because if size is not available sometime in fresh stock and customers sometime got upset and we may have danger of loosing customer. | 4) How do you manage staff for different duties? | Managing staff is not a big deal as most of them know their duties and sometime problem arises when salesperson for particular brand is on leave and we have to put other salesperson over that corner which may not be familiar with all the products of that brand. | 5) How do you manage day to day stock and related items to stock? Before closing all the staff mark the required products for different brands and before opening on the next day all the products are delivered on their corners which are required for particular brand so by this all the products are available to customers at all times. | 2) Observations During the observation of work of retail manager in Myers, I noticed following tasks which he is performing on the field: 1) Motivating staff members on the work and try to improve their work. 2) Promoting the store products by different ways of promotion 3) Handling customer complaints ) Dealing with day to day stock 5) Ensures the procedures are being followed by all the staff members. 3) Questioner 1) What are your (Retail Manager) main duties? * Managing staff * Doing rosters * Boosting up moral level of employees * Handling sales and purchases for the store 2) How did you handle angry customer or unsatisfied customer? * By listening to the customers complaints calmly and making most of the decisions in the customers favour so that there must be proper customer satisfaction and customer will be happy from every point. 3) How do you handle with underperforming employee? Handling with underperforming employee is not a big deal, just provide some time frame to the employee so that he can improve his performance and also give them key points where they are lacking in so that the can improve as possible as they can and moreover if employee is not improving after 2 official written warnings he is terminated or asked to leaved the job. 4) How did you ensure that code of conduct is being followed during work? * By keep checking on the staff from time to time and the major source is getting positive feedback from customers. Job Description Department: Retail store

Position: Retail Manager Job type: Permanent (38- 40 hours) Salary: $60,000 with normal entitlements Employment Status: Ongoing Other Facilities: Leased 3 series BMW Retail Store Manager Job Duties: * Maintains store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees * Maintains the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements * Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed * Protects employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment * Identifies urrent and future customer requirements * Maintains operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing programmes http://monster. com/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/job-descriptions/retail-store-manager-job-description-sample. aspx Personal Specifications Qualification and related requirements * Candidate must poses degree or masters in management, business or something equivalent to that. * Must having experience of 1-2 year(s) in related field * Applicants should be Australian citizens Skills required: * Must be Customer Focused * Required skill (s): MS office, word processing, spreadsheets and database management. Must be having knowledge about Tracking Budget Expenses * Having good communication skills * Must be Results Driven * Having good knowledge about Vendor Relationship, client relation ship and pricing of products Methods of recruitment External methods of recruitment * Placement agencies: Company can make contact with placement agencies and can get list of candidates according to job requirement. * Online advertisement: Company can post its job advertisement on various online sites like Careerone. com. au, Seek. com. au * Benefits of external methods of recruitment Bring new ideas and talent for the organisation * Help organisation to get required competencies * May reduce training cost by hiring professional or person having experience * Got heaps of options and can choose best among them Internal methods of recruitment * Promotions It is most common and efficient method for recruitment as it boosts the moral level of employees and also motivates employees to work better. * Personal recommendation Under this manager or team leader recommend his team member for the job vacant in the company this is also very commonly used method of internal recruitment. Benefits of internal recruitment * Cheaper and quicker to recruit * People already familiar with the business and how it operates. * Business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates * Less cost included * Reduce cost for training as compared to new employee Job advertisement (For internet) Location: Melbourne, CBD locations Department: Retail store Position: Retail Manager $60K + Super + Bonuses + Clothing discounts + leased BMW Work in a fun, dynamic culture with a supportive upper management structure!

This fashion retailer is one of the Australia’s leading contemporary brands –selling edgy, fashion-forward designs that are always one step ahead of the trends. The brand focuses on funky yet sophisticated fashion for the distinguished youth, always creating fresh new looks and a keen sense of style! We are seeking a Store Manager for the XXXX store. You must have a passion for street fashion, a knack for styling, an understanding of current fashion trends and the ability to present funky, urban looks to your fashion-conscious clientele.

Duties include: * Managing stock levels and staff * Managing rosters * Merchandising * Setting and ensuring budgets are met * Ensuring the department provides a pleasant shopping experience for customers and exceptional customer service is being offered; and * Ensuring health and safety at the workplace http://www. indeed. com. au/jobs? q=retail+manager;gclid=CMah3 Must have skills: * A minimum of two years experience in a management role * Strong interpersonal and selling skills * Excellent customer service and rapport building skills Good people management skills * Hands-on leadership skills * High energy and a passion for the industry You are a strong team player, a lover of fashion retail, with an intense desire to have a successful career in the fashion retail industry. If you are looking for a company that offers support, recognition, coupled with a fun working environment, then this is the role for you! Send your resume to Triangle Tribe at [email protected] com Job advertisement (For print media) Triangle Tribe Retail Manager * $ 60k package * Great incentives * CBD locations

We are seeking an experienced professional to join well known organisation. Your responsibilities will be challenging and varied including development of business. The person must be able to promote the store and the fashion line. Contact The Triangle Group is a group of companies on 9870xxxxxx for further information. OR Email at [email protected] com Action plan with timelines Activity| Manager position became vacant| Recruiting processIncluding job advertisement| Interviewing the candidate| Appointment of candidateAnd familiarising with job| Date| 26/9/2012| 10/9/2012| 22/9/2012| 26/9/2012|

Person responsible| ——————-| HR officer| HR officer| HR officer| Time required to complete task| ——————-| App. 2 weeks | 1 particular day| 1-2 days| Comments| Manager position will be vacant from 26/9/2012 and before this recruitment process has to be completed| On 10/9/2012Advertisement related to job will be posted on internet and other sources will all the detailsRelated to the job. | On 22/9/2012 selected applications of candidates will be interviewed and among them best will be selected for this job. On 26/9/2012Contract between company and selected candidate will be signed and he will be familiarised with his job and related duties. | EEO principles Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about: * Making sure that workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment * There must not be discrimination among applicants or candidates on the basis of: * Age * Sex * Pregnancy * Disability * Race, colour, ethnic or ethno-religious background, descent or nationality * Marital status * Homosexuality, or * Gender identification

EEO groups are people affected by past or continuing disadvantage or discrimination in employment. These groups are: • Women’s • Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders • Members of racial, ethnic, and ethno-religious minority groups, and • People with a disability. Government restrict the practices of discrimination in recruitment process and all the companies are following these principles and by following these principles many companies are showing growth due to their multicultural environment and different talent from different nations. http://www. awlink. nsw. gov. au/lawlink/adb/ll_adb. nsf/pages/adb_eeo_affirmative_action References Tutor2u viewed on 9th Aug 2012 http://tutor2u. net/business/people/recruitment_jobanalysis. asp Monster viewed on 9th Aug 2012 http://monster. com/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/job-descriptions/retail-store-manager-job-description-sample. aspx Indeed viewed on 11th Aug 2012 http://www. indeed. com. au/jobs? q=retail+manager;gclid=CMah3 Lawlink viewed on 11th Aug 2012 http://www. lawlink. nsw. gov. au/lawlink/adb/ll_adb. nsf/pages/adb_eeo_affirmative