Social and Economic Changes in the Atlantic World Due to Contacts Among Western Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Essay

From 1492 to 1750, there were many changes in the Atlantic world that were both social and economic. This occurred because of the new contact among Western Europe, the Americas, and Africa. There were several social changes that took place in Western Europe, the Americas, and Africa due to their contacts with the Atlantic world. Also, within these three regions, there were several economic changes as well.

By 1750, Western Europe came to dominate both the Americas and Africa socially and economically.There were many social changes involving these three regions. When Western Europe came into contact with the Atlantic world, it underwent many changes, both good and bad. The declining of prices was helpful because it allowed the Europeans to be able to pay less for the necessities that were needed for everyday living.

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Now they were able to comfortably afford it. The Europeans had more money, and more of what they wanted and needed without having to worry. The Western Europeans also had more access to goods because of the 13 colonies.

The colonies allowed them to obtain more necessary crops and foods that they needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle for themselves, and for their families. Industrialization was another social change, but this had more of a negative impact. Cities became overcrowded, which led to copious amounts of people living there. This is never helpful for society. The Americas contact with the Atlantic world led to several social changes.

The Spanish conquistador Cortes invaded and conquered the Aztec Empire in 1519.Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire in 1532. When the Europeans invaded the New World it caused the religion of the native people to change drastically. Their religion became Christianity. The Bible was taught amongst all schools. This had an impact on all the children’s education in the Americas. They grew up learning the ways and faith of Christianity.

Therefore, generations to come would grow up Christian. Source Cited: http://www. antiessays.

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