System Analysis and Design Bec Part 1 Answers

1. What qualities have led to BEC’s success so far? I think the most notable quality that has led to BEC’s success is their ability to adapt to change. The company seems very dynamic and it seems like they notice trends and adapt the business to meet these trends. The company is also successful because they have such great teamwork and great management running the company 2. Is the IS organization at BEC poised to undertake significant systems development in the near future? Yes.

The company has grown and is continuing to grow so they will need to move towards a new IS system. They are going to need to update to keep with the demand of online rentals. 3. What specific management skills do systems analysts at BEC need? The analyst is going to need risk management in order to be able to forsee what could go wrong during the project and try to prevent or respond to the damage that is caused. The analyst will also need change management to help the users transition onto this new system. . What specific communication skills do systems analysts at BEC need? The system analyst will need interpersonal skills so that they can communicate clearly and effectively what needs to be accomplished to the team.

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5. What specific areas of organizational knowledge do systems analysts at BEC need? The analyst will need to know the companies goals and mission statement. They will also need to know the policies and procedures so that they can design a system that meets these.