Taxation Tutorial 2011/12

CC3155 Taxation Tutorial 1 (2009/10 Semester 1) Suggested Answers to Tutorial Questions (Lecture 1) Overview of the Hong Kong Tax System and Administration A) Quiz 1.

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8. F T T T F T E The chargeable person a) Salaries tax: person who has income from employment, office or pension deriving from HK, b) Property tax: owner of land/buildings in HK, and c) Profits tax: person who carries on a trade, profession or business in HK. 9. April 1st, March 31st, April 1st 2008, March 31st 2009. 0. (a & b) 2007/08; (c & d) 2008/09.

B) Essay Questions 1. The characteristics (features) of Hong Kong tax system are: • Territorial Source Concept • Schedular tax system • Direct assessment • Limitation to the standard rate • Low tax rates • No capital gains tax • No tax on dividend income 2. The following bodies are involved in the administration of income taxes in Hong Kong: • Inland Revenue Department (IRD) • Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) • Board of Review (BoR) 3.The source of Hong Kong tax law comprises: • Statute law • Case law 1 CC3155 Taxation ______________ 4.

Tutorial Answer 1 (2008/09 Semester 1) Composition BIR: consists the Financial Secretary and 4 other members, appointed by the Chief Executive. The CIR is one of the members and a DCIR is the secretary of the BIR. BoR: consists of a chairman and a number of deputy chairman and not more than 150 other members, all of whom are appointed by the Chief Executive (s65). Functions BIR: To make rules called Inland Revenue Rules (IRR) • To specify the forms (e. g.

composite tax return) which are necessary for carrying out the provisions of the IRO • To prescribe the procedure to be followed when appealing to the BoR with effect from Jun13,1997 BoR: • To hear taxpayers’ appeals against the CIR’s or DCIR’s determination, s82A additional tax and penalty • To approve CIR’s application for the taxpayer to file a statement of assets and liabilities under s51A(1). 2