Teenager's Lifestyle

Teenager’s lifestyle Nowadays, teenagers have changed in comparison with the teens in the past, taking into account eating habits, an active way of life, spending free time and clothes. They are a “technology” generation. For teens in todays’ world mobile phones, internet, music, movies, television and video games are very important. Most teenagers prefer watching TV and playing computer games to reading books.

They don’t like reading because watching TV is easier and they don’t have to use their own imagination. Computer games teach but they are also harmful to health.Teenagers prefer to spend free time in front of a computer rather than to walk, play football or go to a swimming pool. Moreover, games transfer them into the world which doesn’t exist. It is very exciting for the youth. They meet with friends in such places as McDonalds. Teens eat there unhealthy food. They eat too much fast food.

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Every teenager needs a balanced diet, appropriate personal hygiene and physical activities in the fresh air, for example, playing a ball, going running, swimming, driving on the bicycle, playing in tennis or walking.This should be for them more interesting than sitting for hours in front of a computer or TV because such a mode of life leads to the improvement of mood, health and physical shape.. Young people choose less healthy kinds of entertainment than sport, putting away bicycles in the corner. They eat too much fast, unhealthy food, which is very fatty and drink too many sugary drinks. This leads to obesity. However, nowadays young people, especially girls, allow themselves to grow fat, or torture themselves with diets, which leads to various diseases with physical basis like anorexia and bulimia.Young people must not give up food, especially breakfasts because skipping breakfast is a frequent cause of fainting which can cause frequent complications and even leads to death.

It is crucial to limit the amount they eat, but only in a reasonable way, if at all possible after the consultation with the dietician. Young people have to remember, that a healthy lifestyle requires appropriate nourishment, but they also must not forget about personal hygiene.Personal hygiene plays a very important role in healthy lifestyle. It should be an indispensable element in the life of every young man. Its task is the maintenance and strengthening of health.

Notable part of young people think that taking a shower once a week, wearing sweaty clothes and splashing over them with a deodorant is proper, but it is not. For example, before a young man goes to bed, he should develop a habit of not being able to fall asleep without having a bath first.Everyday toilet will prevent skin diseases as complexion of every person requires systematic nurturing: washing in soft water, abrasion, creaming and protecting before diseases. Therefore personal hygiene institutes an important part of healthy lifestyle and it cannot be skipped, just like physical activity. Physical activity has a large influence on young people lifestyle. Physical activity improves health condition in various ways. It helps the organism to utilize the calories better, which helps to maintain a desirable weight.

Physical activity reduces the appetite and helps in the reduction of the fatty mass of the body. The beneficial influence of physical activity on health mood does not raise any doubts any more. The research reveals that regular training among the youth( and not only, but also by people at any age) is an important factor improving the health. However, too little popularity of psychical activities among the young people is a huge problem. It is a frequent and more and more general problem and causes various diseases such as: heart failure, lungs deficiency, spine problems etc.Here is a list of advantages of physical activity: • reduces the risk of heart diseases • protects before the osteoporosis, • burning the calorie intensifies, • favours the masses of the body to lowering and maintenance of the desirable weight, • leads to the growth of the basic transformation of the matter, • reduces the appetite • helps in the reduction of the fatty mass of the body. Thanks to these useful tips, we can easily build the whole strategy of the healthy lifestyle in order to effectively fight with overweight and obesity.To get rid the excess of fat, we can cultivate different kinds of the sport, depending for age, sex or interests.

However you should remember about warning of several principles so that our effort brings desirable results and does not harm our health. Another aspect worth mentioning is communication via the Internet, especially instant messaging, has become an essential feature of teens’ social lives. Teenagers say, that this can be very helpful to communicate, learn and can be fun.Through the Internet they can download music and other files and play on-line games, for example, with their real or virtual friends. What is more, cellulars are very popular among teenagers and can be used to do a lot of things: we can communicate with friends using them, have a nice time playing games, listen to music and also watch films. For a lot of young people mobile phones are indispensable and they simply cannot imagine life without them. Teenagers’ clothes in the twenty-first century have also changed a lot.The clothes they wear depend on current trends since it is important to follow fashion.

School uniforms aren’t so popular today like in the past. Girls more often wear jeans than skirts, boys wear wide sweatshirts and trousers. The fact is that nowadays teens get dressed in clothes which are comfortable for them. All in all, it can be stated that the lifestyle of teenagers depends on many factors.

It is connected with the constant development which is taking place and as a result is different from the lifestyle of young people in the past.Every young man should lead a healthy lifestyle independently of age or interests. This should be one of the things that you do every single day.

According to many scholars that is the liability of every man, and everyone should try to take the advantage of this life the best he or she can. Young people should be aware of positive influence of healthy lifestyle on health and mood. This in effect would give them better results in studying and what is more important they would be pleased with good health much longer.