‘the Small Things in Life That We Own Are the Most Precious’. Do You Agree?

Argumentative Writing- Oct/Nov 2012 Paper 33- ‘The small things in life that we own are the most precious’. Do you agree? How many of you have an award sitting on the dusty shelf in the front of you, reminding you of your previous achievements? Or a framed certificate hanging on the wall of your room? These memories mean so much because they represent a proud moment in your journey.

The small things we own in life is what we hold nearest to our hearts. In our daily lives, we throw many things away: worn out clothing, used stationery, and torn footwear, but never will you see the traces of a trophy or a certificate lying in the trash bin.Why? Because these mementos, which date back to our childhood, represent an occasion, a symbolic moment. I remember when I received a blue ribbon for participating in an All Summer Gymnastics Club, and I kept it all these years, as a reminder of what I have accomplished, and as a memory of all the fun times I had been through.

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As humans, memories are the most important to us, because they only live within the recesses of our mind. In line with obtaining tokens of our personal achievements, we also possess certain items of sentimental value. A pearl necklace or a well-kept diary that is passed on to you acts as a mark of love and warmth.The smallest things we have acquired and collected over the years are the ones we cherish our whole life. It is often thought only the big moments in life are looked back upon, however this is a false impression, as small things in life: the ribbons, pictures, medals, and mementos all reflect on a memory or moment in life, which should be given equal value or even more than the bigger ones.

To sum up, I feel the smallest gifts hold the most importance. They carry our values and our honor within them thereby making them our most precious possessions.