Unequal Distribution of Power

Marxist speaks about the unequal distribution of power and wealth and resources in a society.

They believe the ones with the resources in a society. They believe that the ones with the resources are the ones oppressing those without those resources. Marxist links their theory to deviance by saying because some have access to fewer resources in the Capitalist society they are seen as more likely to commit crime. Marxist speaks about the upper classes using their power influence and their wealth to hide their crimes and deviant behaviours.They buy their way out of trouble by hiring attorneys and using bribes. Marxist thought to argue that deviance is deliberately chosen and often political in nature.

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They rejected the idea that deviance is ‘determined’ by factors such as biology, personality, anomie, social disorganization or labels. Rather they argued, individuals actively choose to engage in deviant behaviour respond to the inequalities of the capitalist system. Because this is so, they set up a system where there is something such as social control agents these are they who administer the response to deviance such as police and the army.Although the oppressed groups in society (proletariat) may behave or act deviant, whether or not they do they are more likely to be labelled deviant. For instance in Trinidad there is some communities that are seen as or labelled as deviant places because of its crime rate. Although, not everyone living there are criminals are categorized or group together with that so called deviant community.

For instance someone who lives in Lavantille may go to an interview has all the qualifications but because he/ she resides there they may not be ‘‘qualified’’ for the job.The other social classes are not crime-free, the ruling groups in society develop means and mechanisms to protect their interest according to conflict theorist who argue that laws are created protect and sustain the capitalist. Although the public seems to think that the lower classes are more likely commit crime, white-collar workers also commit many crimes. White collar criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago, though hardly ever reported is not un-noticed. It exists at various levels of society both in the public and private sector.However, the merits or demerits of any allegation of wrongdoings made are hardly ever thoroughly investigated, and almost never comes before a criminal court. It is instead ascribed to poor corporate governance rather than deliberate criminal acts. The police or some rather of this small Caribbean island of Trinidad are very corrupt they will commit wrongful doings of all kind and yet still walk freely like it is normal.

It is indeed true that they are protected by their own kind.