Essential ingredients for writing book or moview reviews

Writing a book/movie review is a way of expressing ones opinion about the book/movie. The main purpose is to try to convey to the reader your thought about the book/movie which you have read/seen.

The book/movie review is usually required for academic and public purposes. Usually students, during their attaining higher academic achievements, have to write book reviews in order to critically analyze any written piece of literature. Similarly, movie reviews targets the general public in an attempt to persuade them to (or not to) see the movie.

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Firstly, before starting to write the book/movie review, choose a subject in which you are interested in or are in a position to understand the subject. It is of no use to write about something you are not “in it”. To get the correct feeling of the book/movie, one should read/see it in the atmosphere you feel relaxed in. Take notes while you read the book or see the movie after every chapter/scene. If required, it is also recommended to see the movie second time just to ensure you have not missed any important details.

After you are satisfied that all major points of the book/movie has been covered, it time to write the review. Remember, reviews should be giving facts and information about a topic or may express views of the writer himself about the subject. Remember that reviews are a mixture combination of facts and opinions in which the writer uses both to support his or her views.

The person writing the review must consider who the target audience is. There is a vast difference in vocabulary for adults as compared with those for the children. That’s why writing book/movie review possesses great importance in academic writing. Students are often asked to write reviews on different books and movies. Generally students who loved to read books and watch to see movies based on facts and figures love to write reviews. It helps them to convey their ideas and imaginations into a piece of paper.

In the opening paragraph, usually the name of the book/movie, the setting, and the type of book/movie (horror, action etc) is about. In the next paragraph, summary/plot should be explained and a few major/turning points in the book/movie should be covered which keeps the reader/viewer glued to the book/movie.

Support your views by citing passages/scenes from the book/movie. As the movies have a wide range of fields in it as compared to the book (from acting, direction, editing, costume design, set design, photography, background music etc), the book review needs to cover the writing style along with the selection of intelligent and expressive words. Finally, give your preference whether you like the book/movie and why. Rate it, if possible, with the previous works. Would you recommend your readers to read/see the book/movie or nor? The “WHY” is necessary so that the reader can see your reasons and make up his/her own mind.

Writing reviews is not an easy task to accomplish. It requires time, a lot of concentration and hard dedication. That is why reviews have been given more importance in academic writing than any other piece of literature because it expresses that how a particular student thinks about the book/movie and show his ability to understand things. Book/movie reviews are also major part of academic life because of the involvement of several factors which are the key essence of any good reviews. Some factors includes describing the plot, explaining the turning points, keeping the suspense and give a deep and clear insight to the readers so that they could judge the pros and cons according to their demand.

These things are often difficult to understand and most students fail to write good reviews in their academic career. There are several reasons for that; some do not have time to read/watch complete book/movie which cause serious problem when they write a review because they miss some important details. Some can’t express their feelings and unable to give the right words to their explanation. The reasons may be several, but the solution is only one i.e.

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