Ethical Because as an organizer in government we

Ethical governance is the
ethical values ??of government that become the moral foundation for the
government organizers. argues that the success of government officials in
leading the government should be measured by its ability to develop service functions,
empowerment and development. Service will bring about justice in society,
empowerment will encourage community self-reliance, and development will create
prosperity in society. This is also a government mission in the midst of
society (Rashid, 1999: a8-a9).

The function of
government ethics in the practice of governance is twofold:

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1. As a guideline for the
implementation of government tasks

2. As a reference to
assess the good and bad decisions or actions of government officials

The person who is
suspected or corrupt means he has violated the ethics of government. He does
not directly deserve to be part of the government because corruption is a
disservice to the nation and the state. Being a part of the organizers in
government requires good ethics and morals. Because as an organizer in
government we become servants to the state and must serve with good ethics and
morals. With good ethics and morals, the likelihood of corruption being less
likely to occur. Therefore, if a person will be part of the organizer in
government, the person must have good ethics and morals in order to create a
clean performance of corruption within the government. If the suspect of
corruption is left unattended without any law enforced, this corrupt behavior
will be mandarah of the meat and will continue to entrenched.

In the perspective of
Pancasila, corruption has violated the second and fifth precepts

In the second precept it
is stated that “just and civilized humanity”. Corrupt acts have
violated humanity by means of taking advantage of others that should not belong
to them. Many corruption suspects carry out their actions on government-run
programs which in these programs constitute a set of public funds to be used to
run the development program. Therefore, strict supervision of the government
programs that will be realized because of the possibility of corruption by the
organizers in the government

In the fifth rule
mentioned “Social Justice for All Indonesian People”. Corrective acts
of corruption have directly violated the fifth precept of social justice. With
the occurrence of corruption, social welfare existing in society will be
reduced, even to the point of social inequality. So many citizens become
disbelievers of what the government or people’s representatives do for their