Ethical Decision Making

A very close friend of yours at work has a child with a serious health problem. As a result your friend has left work frequently and has not participated In an Important research project you must turn in tomorrow. He asks you to Include him as coauthor of the research report because as a team member he was expected to have contributed to the research.

HIS omission from the report will have serious repercussions for his employment. How do you respond?Response to Dilemma I think it was very selfish of employee (R) to decide to forward all of the repels he achieved to the owner and the other office employees. There are many ways in which responsible decision making can go wrong.

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However, in this case it seems to me that employee (R) failed to act accordingly with his ethical Judgment and decided to act unethical. There was one reply in particular that was sent to employee (R) from employee (G) as she confided in him and did not know that her reply was sent around the office without her consent.To make a long story short, employee (G) replied and said that she hoped that he would be treated better at his new Job and that she felt eke he was the “voice” at the office and said many things that perhaps other employees In the office were afraid to say. She wished him luck and told him that he was better off leaving the firm. Employee (G) was not aware that employee (R) had forwarded the message to the owner of the business.According to Lawrence & Weber (2014), an employee who puts his or her own self- interest above all other considerations is called an ethical egoist. Self-promotion, a focus on self-interest to the point of selfishness, and greed are traits commonly observed in an ethical egoist.

(Lawrence & Weber, 2014, p. 76) Ethics and Values are very Important to any business, and they can be defined as those things that are crucial or valued by one. Teamwork, Integrity, loyalty, and professionalism are examples of these values.Therefore, what employee (R) did was totally selfish and unethical.

As a team player and someone who stands behind and shares these beliefs, I could not agree with my coworker’s request of including him as coauthor of the research report. I understand that unexpected things happen and that we all have other responsibilities outside the workplace, therefore I can sympathize with this particular situation. However, I cannot agree to give him credit for something he did not participate in; this would totally go against my ethical beliefs and values.It is my obligation to the organization, and me, to behave in a consistent manner and follow the company’s guidelines and set of values. Resolution to Dilemma However, I would offer my coworker help and other alternatives to his given situation: and may result in possible Job lost.

In addition, I would advise him to speak too supervisor or the human resource department about his personal problem or perhaps ask for personal time off to take care of his sick son. If time off is not an option, perhaps they can give him an extension to make up his part of the work and do research.I would also advise my coworker that when planning a research paper or study, it is very important to anticipate the repercussions and the time invested that goes into conducting research. Therefore, if a similar situation arises he can be better prepared and take the necessary precautions to get the Job done.