Ethical Dilemma

What are the arguments for and against Loll’s action?

The positive side of Lola is that she could attract customers to the store by good and successful dealing with them. She also was the reason of the development of the store as she helps them to find what they really need and increase the store’s income. But she has bad character in selling items by lying to them about the size and selling shoes with higher price for the insoles, which means she was dishonest in her Job to increase heir income and develop her personality as a successor.Questions (1)Do you think such practices are common in sales situations? What would you think if you were a co-worker or a customer of Loll’s? Of course, every company or stores might use this method to treat with customers in order to attract them to develop and increase their productivity and then increase their sales in the company.

For being a co-worker I might use different methods to increase the sales and attract customers such as Ewing honest doing my work and treating them by a moral way.If I had a Loll’s customer I will purchase the items since I do not have any idea about the original prices of sales in that store. Questions (2)To what extent do you think your incentive scheme has contributed to Loll’s actions? Loll’s incentive scheme was successfully doing well and high because by selling more items, she got 5% commission on each thing that she sell. Since she is cheating and lying to customers o purchase the goods.Questions (3)How would you approach this situation as Loll’s manager? I will be against Loll’s behavior because the customers may know that she is lying and this will cause big problems for the company. I will also find a replacement employee in her place as I will look well at the new employee’s file and make sure It does not Include dishonesty and greed. Ethical Dilemma By Boneshaker make sure it does not include dishonesty and greed.

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