Ethical inventory analysis

Ethics is very important to human life. It defines who we are and how we relate with others in then society. The ethics awareness inventory analysis is a tool for analyzing one’s moral beliefs and standards that he/she holds.

According to the analysis, my ethical perspective is aligned with character and less closely aligned with equity. These results are quite correct as they reflect my personality in life. I am always basing my ethical perspective on what is good to be rather than what is good to do.As a person, I believe that one should hold high moral values which should be reflected on the way he/she relates with others. A mature person should help others obtain good moral values, among them being trust, transparency, compassion, honor and integrity.

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I believe that integrity is a virtue that everyone should posses as it defines a person. Transparency is one of my attributes. I believe that being transparent to everyone will help me get along with people from diverse backgrounds and this is important in both my profession and personal development. Solving disputes in the workplace or anywhere requires wisdom.I have made stakes and I may still make more of them, but what is important is how I handle such mistakes. This is what determines who a person is because everyone will definitely make mistakes at a certain point in life.

Professional wise, I value excellence and this is what drives me towards achieving my dreams in life. I believe that an individual’s character determines his actions. Since I Joined the school, my ethical thinking has greatly changed. My educational experience has my perspective of life and the way I relate to people. I have learnt how to interact well with people, despite of their race, religion and beliefs.

My learning experience has taught me to behave with integrity and honor, be Just and not to be first at Judging people, virtues that I did not have before. My educational experience has equipped me with decision making and conflict resolution skills. I have come to understand that people have different interpretation of ethical behavior and in case a conflict arises on any matter, wisdom is what guides me in solving it. I understand that people have different characters and therefore I do not expect all people to behave the same way. I have learnt to show compassion to everyone by helping them acquire the necessary moral behavior.Conclusion In conclusion, I believe that ethical inventory analysis is an important tool as it gives someone an insight on his or her ethical thinking. My educational experience has enabled me to develop both professionally and personally.

I have learnt to value excellence in whatever I do and I believe that character is the most important criteria that define a person.