Ethnic Gardening

We chose our Arden to be in New Jerseys soil and climate.

Therefore we have Cayuga White grapes, Mar De Bois Strawberries and Josephine raspberries. All of these fruits can survive in New Jerseys soil and climate. New Jersey has sandy soil which raspberries, strawberries and grapes. My group and I read chapter three from the book “The Earth Knows My Name”. We found In chapter three a Japanese family had a berry farm that started in Japan and a Polish family had a vineyard.

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Kaki Summates, second-generation Japanese American, his family owned a berry farm in Japan until World War Two happened.Kaki and his family immigrated to America because of the war, there they met Gerard and his offerings of working together on his wine vineyard. The two combined the berries and the winery to make an even better use of the land. As a group we decided like the reading we would have berries but only to make wine, that way we are making enough money to pay off the cost of owning the land and maintaining It. According to “A gulled to the wines of Japan”, alcohol consumption has been apart of the Japanese culture since its early history. The Japanese found that drinking has 1 OFF Schuster.

From researching online at “The National Garden Association” we found that strawberries, grapes and raspberries all need slightly acid soil on a PH scale of 5. 5 to 6. 5. All of our fruits need about a pound of fertilizer to grow properly. The fruits we found are all so similar that they all crave sunlight and plenty of moisture which is why each fruit is separated in our diagram with enough room. My group and I found that growing out if we were growing our fruits in a more south area it would be late winter but since New Jersey is more North we would have to grow our fruits in early bring.In the book The Earth Knows My Name, Betsey (Grade’s wife) talks about how they pick the leaves off of the vines so they get air circulation around the fruit, then the fruit is less likely to get disease.

Therefore our garden we created will have leaves plucked off the vines so they ripen even better. Gerard and Betsy talk about a specialty wine they make from grapes, but in order for my group and I to have the same wine we must allow the grapes to hang on the vine longer than usual. Once the grapes skins softens and have a spicy and sweet fragrance, they are then ready to cake that specialty wine like Gerard and Betsey did.This reading also taught us that a winery produces 2200 cases of wine a year and sells out at the end of every season, so in order for our vineyard to be successful we must keep up with produces at least 2200 cases of wine a year.

Gerard talks about how when he was little his grandfather would take him mushroom hunting and to the Pine Barrens to teach him how to identify things. Gerard explains to the reader how his grandfather also had a big garden which had profoundly influenced him on his own garden.Likewise I have a similar connection like Gerard did with his grandfather but instead I have one with my mom. My mom has made an influence on me as well with gardening because I always see her outside in the spring/summer time watering and plantings new flowers to add to her garden. I find our garden at home so colorful and beautiful that I want the same for our vineyard. That’s why we designed our vineyard to have a nice walkway in the middle so you can walk down and enjoy the beauty of the different kinds of grapes, strawberries and raspberries.