We gather here today to celebrate the life of my great great grandmother, a mentor and also my closet friend, Tint Dinah. She left us after 1 20 years contributing wisdom and contagious passion to this world.

If life were a horror movie, great great grandma would be that weird Asian one, who figured out who or what the killer was. Despite the unusual talent and logical reasoning, she would still be the second to last to die and gave everyone a good laugh In the movie, because of her natural willingness to sacrifice for others.When she was young, many people said Tint looked like the actress Angelina Joliet.

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.. Except for the face.

Well the truth is, she had the same birthday with Angelina Joliet and the same birth month with Marilyn Monroe. I guess that should explain Tint’s gorgeous teeth. Most of us remember her as one of the most generous female Coos who donated her whole shares of the Dinah Pharmaceutical Group to the Human Brain Research Center, but to me, she was and will always be my loving great great grandmother. She had been very helpful and supportive to her family. Tint loved troubleshooting.Seriously. We never had an Internet problem for too long because she hated slowness and hated not being able to solve the problems.

With that being said, Tint finished what she started and genuinely dedicated to all of her work. One thing unique about my great great grandma was, she loved mysteries so much that she became one to me. She said it was her flaw for being too curious and excited for something. I remember how joyful she was when we investigated the situations ND experimented new things together, including taking risks and breaking mommy’s rules.

I am glad to inherit her adventurous and creative blood. Some of her famous detective publications like “You don’t mess with the graveyard,” “The unfinished bloody marry,” and “8 hairy marinated spiders” have enormously encouraged me to pursue my writing career. Thank you Tint for always made us laugh through hardships and deal with it deliberately. It seemed like all of her Backbone pictures’ captions would be “Why so serious? She was, on the other hand, very serious about things that matter in hers and others’ life.She was a blessing to our family as her moral values, faith, and healthy tasty oriental cuisines had built up a strong family. Like Tint already knew God was calling her name, she passed away in a peaceful afternoon nap, in her favorite P], holding a picture of her deceased husband, Changing Datum on her chest.

I believe they will continue a great life in heaven with the Lord and watch over us! Rest In peace my beloved great great grandma! You will be forever missed physically