European Colonization in early Americas

Since they arrived in the New world, enormous wars have happened between the native Americans and the explorers. For example, from 1519 to 1521 , the war that Cortes conquered Mexico. Whew the war, Indians used hand-made weapon to withstand advanced weapon such as fire guns. As a result, each war was ended by the losing of native Americans and their death. It is hard to calculate the number of Indians died in wars took place in the New World. So, how can we say that his transformation leaded a good result to the native Americans?

Second, the invaders changed Indian religion and culture in a cruel way. In order to control native Americans more successfully, Europeans forced Indians to join Catholicism. To reach this goal, they destroyed Indian traditional and ancient temples and ruined their books which they are also valuable historical treasure now . To instance, in 1 521 , after the Aztec was defeated, Spanish destroyed the city Attenuation’s temples to make way for the Christian tetrahedral of Mexico City, built on the cite of the ruined Indian capital.

Another example is that after Spanish invaded Maya, they destroyed all their books. Now, there are only 3 Amman books remained. We can easily see that the invasion of the European not only brought disasters to the Native Americans, but also now the filed to research old civilization in America. Moreover, the Europeans also brought new diseases to the New World, which led most Indians to death.

The diseases such as smallpox, measles are fateful to the native Americans, because they are new to them and they do not have highly-medical technology to cure them. About 90% of Indians died in these new diseases. And the Europeans should be responsible for that. In a word, the coming of Europeans cause too many problems to the Indians, which is all because they didn’t use a humanity and peaceful way to seek for collaboration. I am sure that nobody wants these disasters to happen again.