Reasons for receiving mostly as on you 90-day employee evaluation may be due to the lack of communication of what your position entails. Another problem shown in your situation is that of leniency. Your supervisor has the tendency to rate all subordinates high or low. It has come to my attention that your biggest concern is why you are being evaluated on your experiences compared to the older, more experienced workers.The reason for this is because the longer these workers have been at the company In your division, the more experience they have gained and know what your supervisor expects of them. I suggest that you consult with some of your fellow co workers, preferably the “older, experienced” ones and ask questions pertaining to their experience.

As for the HRS department, we will address the Issue regarding the process of his employee evaluation process and ensure the fairness aspect of it. Please allow a minimum of two days for the issue to be resolved. Item 2: To: Paul Lands, Computer CenterRe: Performance Evaluation Paul, I am sorry to hear about your situation when comparing your performance evaluations with your co worker. From what you have addressed, your supervisor is using the paired comparison method, which enables the more precise ranking method. For example, every trait (quantity of work, quality of work, etc. ), you pair and compare every subordinate with every other subordinate. With this method comes some disadvantages, such as bias and leniency. In this predicament, your supervisor may be have been biased during the performance evaluation affecting the appraisal dating you and your co worker received.

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If this is the case, I will speak directly to your supervisor and address the unfairness and appraisal problems present. Please allow 3-5 days for this issue to be resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the HRS department. Thank you.

Item 3: To: Jill Best, Manager Re: Lost Performance Appraisal Form Thank you for addressing the issue and contacting me regarding the lost performance appraisal form. Unfortunately, if the appraisal form is lost, there is not much to do rather than apologizing to the employee, addressing the issue, and scheduling another time to conduct the evaluation as soon as possible.Luckily, there is no immediate harm done, Just loss of time. The evaluation second time around may be more efficient and significant because both you and the employee will recall information and specific topics in relation to the appraisal. Item 4: To: Sue Peters, Supervisor Re: Administering Employee Evaluations sue, Although you have only been working as the supervisor for a short period of time, it is still necessary for to complete the performance appraisals. Consult with the previous supervisor or Department Head before completion of the appraisals.Performance evaluations are beneficial to the you, the employee, and the company.

Not only does it encourage employees to perform better in the future, it provides communication between the supervisor and employee on a regular basis to discuss Job duties and issues with work performance. Since your have only been supervisor for a week, I suggest you conduct the performance evaluations and use them to your advantage by explaining organizational goals and ways in which the employees can participate in the achievement of those goals. Item 5: To: Sandra Kelly, Supervisor Re: Evaluation of Karen PickerelSandra, Thank you for addressing your concerns regarding your employee’s disapproval with her evaluation. These kinds of situations happen quite often and you should know that defensive behavior is normal.

Do not attack your employee’s defenses and try to explain them to themselves as it might lead to a more unwanted situation. What you should do is allow a couple of days in order for the employee to get over the initial shock of her evaluation; sometimes it is best to do nothing. If after then she is still been received, a follow-up meeting should be held, in which we, the HRS department, loud also have to be present for.Item 6: To: Howard Adams, Supervisor Re: Necessity of signing evaluation forms Howard, If the employee refuses to sign the evaluation form, please consider the underlying reason why. You handled the situation very well by explaining the request, but in Herald’s case, he needs more reassurance. In this case, I recommend you emphasize and clarify with Harold that the purpose of his signature is to document that the employee was made aware of the form’s content, and in no way signifies that the employee agrees with it.If Harold is still refuses to sign, contact a third party witness possibly another supervisor or someone from the HRS department).

This witness should confirm that the employee is familiar with the document and is still refusing to sign. Should Harold not sign the form, the supervisor should write on the form “employee refused to sign” in addition to both the date plus their signature and the witness’s, and placed in the employee file. Item 7: To: Margaret Wendell, Purchasing Re: Annual Performance Review Margaret, Thank you for writing to us your concerns. Performance Evaluations are absolutely necessary for several reasons.It helps the company ensure that each and every employee’s objectives are still on track with your company’s goals. These evaluations can also improve employee engagement, most employees would like to know how well they are doing at their Jobs. Overall, these evaluations are helpful to both you and the company in improving where both you and the company are lacking.

Though, it may be tedious, please understand that these performance evaluations are necessary for all employees. Item 8: To: Sarah Wade, Maintenance Engineer Re: Employee Appraisal Form Thank you for writing to us about this critical situation; this is indeed very unprecedented.Once signed, copies of all evaluations should have been turned to us. The HRS department will look through our records for a copy of your performance evaluation (please allow us 3-5 days for this). We will be checking for whether the form submitted to us is in fact the evaluation that was altered by your supervisor. If it is indeed the altered evaluation that has been submitted, we will contact both you and your supervisor for further instructions regarding this situation. Item 9: To: Chris Green, Supervisor Re: Performance Evaluation of Bill Young Chris, Thank you for writing to us your concerns.You have two options in this situation.

Where a rating should be placed, you can instead write “not applicable or n/a. ” In this situation you would have to further explain your reasoning for this rating. Another option you can do is select the best possible rating for this employee and in the comments, you have the opportunity to amend additional notes to further explain this particular employee’s score. Either option, you’d have to utilize the “remarks” section to further explain the score given for this category. Item 10: To: Jeff Salk, Finance Department Re: Confidentiality of Performance Evaluation Jeff,You certainly do have the right to privacy regarding your performance evaluation and what your supervisor did was of absolute misconduct. Most of the time only you and your supervisor are involved with your evaluation and in some cases a representative from the HRS Department. When a supervisor discloses your evaluation results to anyone but yourself he or she could be put under disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

We suggest you take this issue up to your supervisor and if you still have concerns, we can take action upon further inspection of the situation. Let these messages serve as your documentation for your claim.