Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift

Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift form the West to the East During the last two decades there has been a visible shift in economic power, China and India are the main actors in what many analysts predict the rise of the east and the downfall of the west. China and India at a first glance look to have taken the same path, both with a steady and positive GAP curve.The free trade agreements and cheap work force make from China and India a great alternative to US, many companies moved their operations from US to where the sun rises in order to reduce cost, and a lot of Asian products have entered the American market at a cheaper price replacing products of a better quality. The future doesn’t seem to look bright for US, while China and India manage to graduate half a million engineers and scientists a year US manages only 60. 00. The contribution in innovation will also grow do to the fact that both of this country can afford of assigning more qualified personal at a much lower cost.

While it is predicted that the number of researchers in India and China will face a growing curve, the US will have to face the situation where the umber of new researchers will go down, US is concentrating mostly on finance and accounting while the two nations see growing in engineering or life science.Considering the fact that it is unlikely for the free trade market to face new regulations that will censure in a way the two nations steady growing, it is very probable for China and India to maintain a steady growth, the new graduates and their thirst for success will help the shift to continue, also the desire of the customers for a cheaper and more efficient product will help the change, the new regulation ND also laws regarding intellectual property will facilitate the shift, but changing views we can turn the coin on the other side and see that during the history, no nation, empire or kingdom has been dominant forever, the shift in power will most likely happened again, eventually. The present is painted in rainbow colors for many of the young students in China or India, the economic growth brought a new way of life in these countries, students are motivated by the decision of many software companies to open their doors in India or companies that made China the country with the most electronics exported.

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The internet user database is growing at a fast pace and students in India talk about this decade as being the best decade to be born and live there, even thaw India lacks in infrastructure, companies like Google managed to change the style of life for young students or interns, Cisco has recognized that they chose to move part of operation because of the cost, the stayed because the good quality, surprised them, and they are still there because now they are the stage of innovation of discovering new things through the eyes of the many graduates that are eager to make a mark. The hunger for knowledge and success, the idea of innovation is not Just the benefit of foreign companies that moved in China or India in search of a cheaper and more efficient workforce, it is mainly a gain for these two nations, many new companies appeared that offer quality services for other foreign companies or countries, India is leading the market in quality steel, Alkalis Imitate the CEO of Reclamation being the 6th richest person in the world, while his company is the world largest steal making company.The changes in economic power will always affect the politics and Laotians will always try to find a way of canceling the growth of certain nations in the detriment of their own, in this case the free trade is for some a big disadvantage and for others an advantage, and China is the country that sends a lot of full containers over the seas and receives most of them empty back. We know that nothing in life comes for free, and for China and India the situation is the same, after a closer look at this two nations we can observe that they have chosen different paths in the race for the number one economic power, China and heir communist regime appears to look like a Logo construction with a new factory or a new building appearing every day, with amazing infrastructure that impresses and shows the power from the first look, and India a democratic country with a disastrous infrastructure and many fabricator bumps.For China the alarming pace of evolution has created a big camp of people that don’t agree with the way China has chosen to expand, many people saw their houses torn apart in order to leave space for new factories, and even if they were compensated with a new home in the new apartment alluding created, the idea off seeing how their history is destroys has left them with a bitter taste. Also one of the biggest problems for China and India is the effect of waste disposal, most Chinese or Indian factories create a devastating effect on the environment, and yearly this nations encounter 1 million premature deaths attributed to pollution, 30 million people are projected to be infected with the HIVE virus, 200.

00 Chinese die from TAB, also military tensions in both countries, or another Asian financial crisis are challenges that may test both of the countries, and he biggest test is the way China and India will manage this challenges in their path of world economic domination. 2. Summarize China and India case in a paragraph. China and India appear to be on a trajectory for success, companies are investing in the future through education, and the quality of services is better and better, but everything can crumble if steps to protect the environment are not made.