Evaluation of air asias response to tourism

Executive sum-up

Air Asia, the market leader of low cost bearers in Asia, shown on the good record of conveying about advanced thought into the industry. The industry itself, particularly in the Asiatic part, is detecting a higher growing rate of rider and profitableness. The study examines the organisation ‘s cardinal concern construction and operation, merchandises and provides drumhead analysis of its cardinal gross lines and scheme.

The analysis looks at the impact of external and internal factors on the organisation, and measure it responses. Essentially SWOT and PESTLE analysis provide a simple model through which strategic options can be identified in which Air Asia operate. The SWOT procedure will get down by analyzing the strengths of the Air Asia of today. One of the most dominant strengths possessed by Air Asia is the adding of new Airbus A320 aircraft to its fleet. Airbus A320 gives Air Asia the largest, youngest and most modern fleet in the part. Another strength of Air Asia is the upgrading of the online engagement system, in which will offer the ability to rider to look into in on-line and publishing out get oning base on ballss. An chance available to Air Asia is fastest turning market in China and India.

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Both states give a immense chance for Air Asia to spread out its concern in the part. In the menace portion of the analysis is concerned with placing parts of the Air Asia that might impact its concern public presentation. In recent old ages a whole category of low cost bearers such as Singapore ‘s Tiger Airways and other air hose bearer coming into the market. PESTLE analysis is to carry on an environment analysis in the context of Air Asia international concern operations, depicting the major variables involved and the impact of the specific menaces and chances confronted by Air Asia.The 2nd portion of the study is seeking to analyse the policies and determination devising will be influenced by those human capital and information engineering involved. Air Asia has locked a partnership with CAE for common benefit where CAE will supply pilot preparation for all of Air Asia current and future pilot in the part. Air Asia besides has locked a partnership with its IT seller which can invariably better the system and offer a broad scope of distribution channels to do engagement and going easier for its invitees.fourAir Asia has built the Air Asia Academy to develop high quality work force in guaranting seamless concern growing.

It runing consequences underscore two major high spots. The first is how efficaciously the employee worked to run into client demands and the 2nd is how good the squad manages the robust capacity growing. A figure of places are usually improved to increase its competitory advantages and proficiency, which enables Air Asia to accomplish and keep the concern growing. The country of betterment included service, strategic confederation and merchandise betterment.V


Air Asia is most popular and profitableness organisation since Air Asia introduced its low menu, no frills construct in December 2001. Dato ‘ Tony Fernandes, who introduced the first budget no frills air hose, Air Asia, to Malayan with tagline “ Now everyone can wing ” , Air Asia ‘s doctrine of low menus is aimed to do winging low-cost for everyone ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) .

It is besides aims at doing travel easy, convenient and merriment for its invitees. The air hose now flies to over 48 finishs in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau, China and Philippines ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) . Air Asia formed two successful joint ventures in Thailand through Thai Air Asia, and Indonesia through Indonesia Air Asia in 2004. Where Air Asia holds 49 % interest in both companies. Now, Air Asia expanded its fleet from the original two to twenty eight, and revolutionized air travel in this state by offering improbably low airfares through its advanced gross revenues channel ( AirAsia.

com 2008 ) . To day of the month the Air Asia group, has carried over million riders per twelvemonth.In the history of Air Asia, we can place how persevering and smart of Dato ‘ Tony Fernandes to run to be finally constructed by external and internal factors on strategic planning to guaranting alliance during execution of organisation success.

We all know Air Asia, the to a great extent indebted subordinate of the Malaysia authorities owned pudding stone, DRB-Hicom, was losing money large clip. Alternatively of get downing from abrasion, Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad advised Fernandes to purchase an bing air hose alternatively ( Wikipedia 2008 ) .

Fernandes mortgaged his ain house and sank his nest eggs to get the company, consisting two ageing Boeing 737-300 jets. Air Asia was acquired at RM 1.00 with liability of over RM 40 million worth of debts, and transformed it into an industry participant ( Wikipedia 2008 ) .For what happened on this day of the month in history, coming merely after the September 2001, doubtless the worst twenty-four hours in the history of commercial air power when cipher wanted to wing, everyone scoffed at his thought, foretelling that the company would neglect miserably.1Yet, merely one twelvemonth after his coup d’etat, Air Asia had broken even and the debt was paid off. For the twelvemonth to June 2002, a RM 30 million net net income was recorded on gross of RM 310 million ( Wikipedia 2008 ) . Why it happened? What is good made determination to enables Air Asia to accomplish and prolong a competitory advantage?The universe has changed.

Organization has had, and is holding important effects on the manner how to do better determinations in organisation. Policies and determination devising are inherently concerned with the hereafter. Because of this the organisation is frequently concerned with measuring in the hereafter as an input to developing organisation strategic programs. This is peculiarly true in the country of environmental analysis in organisation planning. The development of schemes inevitably involves pick between options schemes and therefore the demand for analysis and determination devising.2


Undertaking 1


2.1 Organization Vision and Mission

Organization vision normally provides a clear indicant of the overall intent of the organisation. It will depict the chief activities of the organisation and the place or standing that it wishes to accomplish in the hereafter. Organization vision of the Air Asia is to go on to be the lower cost short draw air hose in every market its service, presenting strong organic growing through offering the lowest airfares at a net income ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) . It is of import that the vision stretches the organisation but it must be realistic.

2.2 Organizational Structure

The construction of an organisation refers to the forms of relationships among places in the organisation and between single members of the organisation.

Its will assist to specify the undertakings that people do, the allotment of the duty and authorization, the functions that people play and the relationships between them. The organisation construction and chief operating of Air Asia include three executive frailty presidents, for operations, commercials and people, function under the CEO and the deputy CEO. The senior director of the web operations, who contributed most of the information in this article, studies to the executive frailty president of operations ( Idris, 2007 ) . In general, the organisation construction of Air Asia besides included flight crews, which people responsible for the operation of the aircraft, such as pilot and flight attenders. Ground crew, people will responsible for operations at airdromes.

They are include gate agents, ticket agents, flight starters, luggage animal trainers, electric system technicians, riders ‘ service agents and airframe and power works technicians.3

2.3 Organization Policy

The chief organisation policy of Air Asia is its will supply dependable air hoses services to its clients through its assorted divisions, harmonizing to the demand of clients and in conformity with statutory ordinances and industry norms. Therefore, it ‘s emphasized in leanest cost construction ; maximise stockholders ‘ value ; safety ; passion for invitees ‘ satisfaction ; transparence and human capital development ( AirAsia.

com 2008 ) . The assorted divisions will explicate quality aims for accomplishment of his policy and strive to continually better the quality of service by sporadically upgrading the cognition and accomplishments of its forces.

2.4 Business Strengths

One of the best known models done by Air Asia is offering the low airfares in the part. This construct is chief focal point to lower cost perpetually.

As concern environments go more competitory and in some instances more volatile, concern organisation have become more concerned about the “ monetary value ” . No affair how clearly history we know, there will be clip once more when we have to prosecute in a monetary value war. Therefore, if the air hoses get the rider to their finish on clip at low airfares, people will wing the air hoses. That was why Air Asia introduced the first budget no frills air hose, to Malaysians with the tagline “ Now everyone can wing ” ( Wikipedia 2008 ) . And that is why it is chief focal point to lower cost perpetually, so that it can hedge and fend off any kind of irrational competition.4

2.5 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis can play a valuable portion in any strategic planning, it provide a simple model and common linguistic communication through which strategic options can be identified.


Pioneer in no frills air hose services in South East Asia.Cheap rate of flight.Convenience of rider to buy air ticket online.

Recently purchased Airbus A320s doing it largest client of the type.World category airdrome facilitate travel. E.g. Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Reliance so much on computing machine for engagement and for the storing of information could be hazardous due to failures and viruses.

Marketing chiefly focused on ASEAN market.Underdeveloped distribution system.Ineffective usage of horizontal distribution confederations.

High fuel monetary values.


Able to perforate many ASEAN market and Western market.Airbus A320s enable Air Asia to transport more riders.The coming Beijing Olympic game 2008Proximity to big and turning Asiatic markets, such as India and China.International run launch to advancing Malaysia. For illustration Visit Malaysia 2007.


Competition from Singapore ‘s Tiger Airways and other air hoses bearer in South East Asia.Changing forms of purchasing behaviour.

Deteriorating of Air Asia service base on many ailments.Terrorism menace.Legislation could impact.5The strong market portion in South East Asia is one of the strategic advantages as it will be the springboard for Air Asia future enlargement, growing and profitableness.

One of the most dominant strengths possessed by Air Asia is its ability to follow the alterations in a market that is continually altering. For illustration, Air Asia seeks to buy new Airbus A320 aircraft to its fleet. As the figure of Airbus A320 aircraft additions, it will be able to provide the largest client and supplying bigger siting capacity, wider aisles, greater comfort and a quieter drive. An chance available to Air Asia is fastest turning market in China and India, and the coming Beijing Olympic game 2008. By holding a big market it gives a immense chance for Air Asia to spread out. However, even with the best schemes in topographic point menaces can happen from unexpected waies. For illustration, 9/11/2001 onslaught on the World Trade Center. Many people are still loath to wing and market swings off from aeroplanes.

Another menace to Air Asia is new rival outgrowth in the air hose market, such as Singapore ‘s Tiger Airways and other air hoses bearer in South East Asia. This might impact the concern result of Air Asia. Therefore, how the concern is executing and headers with the issues is of import to the organisation move frontward.6


3.1 PESTLE Analysis


1.1 Political

PESTLE analysis assumes that the success of an organisation is dependent on the manner in which the organisation manages its interaction with its external environment ( University of Sunderland, 2005 ) . The environment presents the organisation with series of challenges, hazards and chances. Such a concern would clearly be affected by alterations in the political environment. One of the most obvious facets is some authoritiess try to command the industry sector and may enforce conditions to protect the local industry for barriers to new entrants. Therefore, in order to guarantee smooth turning, Air Asia must analysis and aware the local political stableness and governmental map.

3.1.2 Economic

Economic tendencies such as alterations in cyberspace disposable income degrees could besides act upon the concern public presentation. If disposable income declines the clearly the effectual demand is likely to travel down. Since the economic crisis in ASEAN on 1997, an person can non afford to pay a higher rate had of all time traveled in a plane. However, Fernandes believe Malayan travellers would encompass a low rate air service that will salvage them clip and money, particularly in a tight economic system. That was why he copied one of the universes most successful no frills bearer ‘s constructs, Ryan air out of Ireland ( Wikipedia 2008 ) . Finally his has to be recognized that one of these schemes will be success in the concern as a whole.


3.1.3 Socio-Cultural

Socio-Cultural alterations are frequently long term in the impact but should be monitored all the same. Shift in values may for illustration affect general attitudes towards traveled in a plane, and alterations in concern environment with which people can happen the best choose of employment in other states. Attitude alterations and demographic alterations will alter the market every bit good. Therefore, low airfares promote by Air Asia will presenting strong growing in air hose market portion.


1.4 Technological

Technological alteration may impact the concern results in many ways. Simple issues such as the development of cyberspace online booking system launch by Air Asia in recent twelvemonth.

This made Air Asia offer the ability to look into in online and print out embarkation base on ballss online ( Wikipedia 2008 ) . There may act upon the size of the possible market and the figure of people able to go to other states. Increasing entree to the cyberspace may alter the manner in which the clients can booking the air ticket instantly, neither to wait long waiting line in the counter. Potential clients may besides hold changed outlooks as a consequence of sing new engineering. As a consequence, improved channel distribution has meant that, progressively, clients are exposed to, and aware of the merchandises in other parts of the universe.

3.1.5 Legal

The legal model of a state influences organisation scheme through its Torahs sing such countries as industry ordinance, employment conditions and so forth.

However, in today concern universe, Air Asia needs to take into the consideration in an environment of complex jurisprudence and ordinance. Similarly any general statute law that affected revenue enhancement or employment would impact the concern results and could impact profitableness. Furthermore, authorities bailouts for rivals may take to unjust competition.8

3.1.6 Environment

Changes in the physical environment, approximately viewed as consisting the natural and man- made environment, impact our day-to-day lives and the operation of the organisations. In western states, pollution has become an of import political issue and legislators are elected as member of green parties ( Media 2008 ) .

Indeed, in many states, the strength of the environmental motion has led to strong statute law impacting organisational production system and merchandises ( Media 2008 ) . Air Asia needs to see the environmental impacts of its schemes and take into history a broader scope of involvement group. For Example, cut down fuel ingestion and energy. In add-on, high use of resources is enforced to minimise wastages ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) .9

B. Undertaking 2



1 Training and Development

Training and development will concerned with the proviso of acquisition, development and preparation chances which guarantee that the employee has the skilled, motivated and committed it needs now and in the hereafter. Air Asia stresses the preparation and development of the staff to maintain abreast with alterations. The normal one hebdomad on the occupation preparation is given to new employees.

Training is ongoing for three months within the period of probation. Employee accomplishments and cognition will be upgraded with on-going class utilizing Air Asia ‘s academy ( Idris, 2007 ) . It ensures that the employee has the skilled to manage multiple occupations in the organisation.

For illustration, the cabin crews are non merely functioning riders on board but do multiple undertakings such as guaranting riders ‘ safety, assisting riders, and guaranting cleanliness of aircraft inside. The preparation will assist the employee to ease alteration in the external and internal environments, in which they are trained to larn new accomplishments and develop new abilities, to react to these alterations in the organisation.


1 Decision Making – Developing Human Capital

Air Asia will spouses with Canadian Aviation Electronic to construct an air power preparation Centre of excellence and selected Kuala Lumpur as the location for its Southeast Asiatic preparation hub. Air Asia has locked a partnership with CAE for common benefits where CAE will supply pilot preparation for all of Air Asia current and future pilot in the part ( Mywire.com 2008 ) .

These will presentation of excellence in bettering the preparation quality and human capital development within Air Asia. Spouses with CAE will assist the organisation to develop high quality work force in guaranting seamless concern growing.10

4.2 Human Resource Management

In order to stay high quality work force in guarantee seamless concern growing.

Air Asia needs to revamp and rethink conventional enlisting schemes to accomplish and prolong a competitory advantage. Attracting the right people has ne’er been harder. Indeed enrolling and retaining endowment is organisation ‘s biggest challenge.

Its all good and good operating in a dynamic economic clime but with high abrasion rates, inevitable in such competitory times, many are fighting to happen the right people to maintain up, allow entirely acquire in front. People direction is a strategic precedence for Air Asia, particularly at a clip when the organisation is quickly germinating and spread outing skylines. Air Asia needs to hold the right people for the function, and so to construct those into a strength and cognition, in which to take the organisation becomes a major market participant.

4.2.1 Decision Making – Recruitment

Air Asia believes that puting in people finally brings the greatest return.

It continued to enroll the overpowering bulk of its endowment internally. With over 5,000 employees across 11 states, Air Asia is blessed with a multi-pool endowment and dedicated to engaging and keeping a work force of good trained, dependable and safety focused employees at all degree of the organisation ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) . In add-on to corporate plans for bing employees, an active enlisting plan is in topographic point to pull and retain qualified persons from all trades and professions.

The primary end is to increase the figure of immature potencies in the organisation and to develop the Air Asia employer trade name ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) .11

4.3 Information System

The information system has had a greater impact to expose the merchandises that can be seen world-wide particularly utile for associating Air Asia with clients or concern spouses. It provides a world-wide distribution channel for information and ability to associate market demand to production planning, and helps the direction to pass on rapidly with those at lower degree. Air Asia have became the first in the universe to present SMS booking where clients could book their seats, checked flight agendas, and obtain the latest promotional proclamations through their nomadic phones ( Idris, 2007 ) .


1 Decision Making – Technology

Air Asia keeps presenting advanced ways for online engagement and ticket gross revenues. It has locked a partnership with its IT sellers for common benefits where Air Asia can invariably better the system while IT vendor learns to make advanced merchandises harmonizing to client demands. It offers a broad and advanced scope of distribution channels to do engagement and going easier for its invitees.

4.4 Management Policies

Policies are basically statements of an organisation ‘s purposes relative to their strategic purposes. Air Asia mission is to go on to be the lowest cost short-haul air hose in every market its service, presenting strong organic growing through offering the lowest airfares at a net income ( AirAsia.

com 2008 ) . In order to endeavor to achievement of the mission and values, the following nucleus value have been a usher for their action, extracted from ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) :I ) Leanest Cost Structureaˆ? Efficient and simple point to indicate operationsaˆ? Attracting and retaining hardworking and smart peopleaˆ? Passion for uninterrupted cost decrease12two ) Maximize Shareholders ‘ Valueaˆ? Resilient net income growing through our lower cost baseaˆ? Expansion of the Air Asia web in a prudent and disciplined modeaˆ? Invest and heighten the Air Asia trade name to increase investors ‘ returnsthree ) Safetyaˆ? Comply with the highest International Aviation Safety Standards and patternsaˆ? Keep operations simple and transparentaˆ? Ensure the security of our Peoples and Guestsfour ) Passion for Guests ‘ Satisfactionaˆ? Maintain simpleness in every applicationaˆ? Practice the unique and friendly Air Asia experience at every chanceaˆ? Acknowledge the linkage between invitees ‘ satisfaction and long-run successV ) Transparencyaˆ? Transparency in decision-making and information sharingaˆ? Optimum revelation – higher than industry normsaˆ? Timeliness in unwraping informationsix ) Human Capital Developmentaˆ? Invest in both difficult and soft accomplishmentsaˆ? Recognize all our Peoples as subscribers to our successaˆ? Reward excellence and single partsaˆ? Keeping one trade name across the Group13

4.5 Effectiveness of Chosen Strategy

Harmonizing to Air Asia Annual Report ( 2007 ) , Air Asia today has so highlighted by robust growing, record net incomes, industry taking public presentation and award winning criterions. It low get downing took flight six old ages ago, and after 24 back-to-back profitable quarters subsequently, Air Asia are now the highest net income border air hose in the universe. This can be seen in Figure 4.1. In recent times, the gross revenues of Air Asia surplus of RM 1.

6 billion, a presence in 11 states and more than 5,000 employees. Net incomes continued to better thanks to robust rider growing and improved borders in all concern countries.Figure 4.1: The Most Profitable Airline in the World Air AsiaBeginning: Air Asia Financial Report 200714As shown in Figure 4.2, Air Asia recorded gross of RM 633 million for the one-fourth ended 31 December 2007. These indicate that 43 % higher than the gross of RM 443 million recoded in the one-fourth ended 31 December 2006.

Its net income improved by 73 % to RM 246 million as compared to the net income of RM 142 million achieved in the old one-fourth.Figure 4.2: The Superior Growth with Expanding Net incomesBeginning: Air Asia Financial Report 200715In the past five twelvemonth, Air Asia has maintained firm focal point and subject in the low cost theoretical account. In the procedure, it have invested significantly to construct a solid foundation and to make a platform for sustainable growing. Air Asia has built the Air Asia Academy to develop high quality work force in guaranting seamless concern growing ( AirAsia.

com 2008 ) . It runing consequences over the past twelvemonth underscore two major high spots. The first is how efficaciously the employee worked to run into client demands during the highest demand for air travel it has of all time experienced. The 2nd high spot was how good the squad managed the robust capacity growing. Air Asia corporate scheme and strategic investings have yielded positive consequences. In twelvemonth 2007, it unit cost is the lowest reported in the universe and it net income borders are among the best ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) .

Just conceive of what Air Asia can accomplish in the hereafter.16

4.6 Area of Improvement

Policies and schemes effectivity is a beginning of competitory advantage for Air Asia turn into their strength across a scope of different merchandise markets.

A figure of places are usually can be improved to increase its competitory advantages and proficiency, in which enables Air Asia to accomplish and keep the concern growing.

4.6.1 Service

Organizations depend on their clients and hence should understand current and future client demands, should run into client demands and strive to transcend client outlooks. How client outlooks are the criterion against which service is justice.That ‘s the mission. Therefore should understanding client demands and outlooks.

In recent old ages, one of the most obvious facets of Air Asia done is upgrade their online engagement system and payment system to better efficiency. This will heighten client satisfaction, and achieve continual betterment of its public presentation in chase of organisation aims. But unluckily, luggage does non ever arrive at its intended finish. Or, if it does, it might turn up damaged or with something losing still ever happened. So, how to follow the missing luggage in short period and minimise a similar instance happened once more.

It can assist Air Asia to bettering the quality of merchandises and services provided to the client.17

4.6.2 Strategic Alliance

Air Asia introduced a first direct B2B engine to its agents in Asia, through one of its strategic spouses, Citibank. The agents make immediate payment via a practical Air Asia recognition card through the cyberspace based existent stock list booking engine ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) .

The inquiry is why ; it ‘s formed up the strategic confederation between the parties? The popularity is concern growing and acquire in on chances.The schemes adopted in a specific market. A spread emerges between what organisation ends would wish to accomplish and what it can make with available resources and capablenesss when comparing the menaces and chances in the environment with an organisation ‘s strengths and failings.

The spread can be bridged by the confederation. For illustration, in order to vie on a planetary graduated table and at the same clip keep its independency, Air Asia must do confederations in partnership together with others states to utilize installations, produce constituents and distribution channels to run into a critical concern demand.In twelvemonth 2004, Air Asia formed two joint ventures in Thailand through Thai Air Asia, and Indonesia through Indonesia Air Asia ( AirAsia.com 2008 ) . Why? Because Air Asia able to widen its selling range and build credibleness with a peculiar mark market. It ‘s besides giving the chances to entree needed information and greater resources including specialised staff and engineering, increase gross revenues in an bing market and heighten technological capablenesss through research and development underwritten by more than one party. Another attack is one time concern is established it has provided the Air Asia with the chance to derive new capacity and expertness.


4.6.3 Merchandise Improvement

Merchandise betterment is the consequence of consistent, consider attempt to travel the developing organisation to a higher degree of capableness. Product betterment entails developing and establishing new merchandises for sale in bing markets ( Condensed GSAM Handbook, 2003 ) . It besides requires a planned and guided way to excellence, making assorted degrees of betterment as intermediate ends along the manner such as merchandises with extra characteristics, different packaging, different quality degrees etc.For illustration, Air Asia Go Holiday and Air Asia Tune Hotels which offer travelers a comprehensive bundle. Many budget travellers prefer to book their air hose tickets and hotels together and Air Asia will offer its clients the installation of doing room reserves online as they book their flights. In other words, the merchandise will be improved as a natural effect.

So, finally have hotels in all Air Asia finishs are portion of the countries for betterment. This means understanding and reacting to client demands is the key to success in the progressively competitory advantages. Making our clients happy is of import because it translates to an on-going relationship, whether travel is concern or pleasance, which in bend is trueness.19

5.0 Decision

Since Air Asia entry the market, it is quickly going the most popular air hose and profitableness organisation. Why? Because it focuses the strategic analysis on ways of advancing and developing the merchandise ranges.

But no concern can see ever prolong a competitory advantage without carefully analyze the primary internal and external influences to which the concern environment is capable. However, Air Asia will necessitate to understand what is presently go oning in the operating environment. What schemes are being adopted by rivals? Are new entrants coming into the sector? How are the markets traveling? Therefore, PESTLE and SWOT analysis have been the most usefully tools for looking consideration of the concern environment. Likewise Air Asia will necessitate prognosiss of what is expected to go on in the hereafter and the concern strengths that could be exploited. This will convey it ‘s the competitory advantage to the concern environment.

Therefore how the concern is executing and headers with the issues is of import to its move frontward.20