Ever methodology, the analytical reasoning and decision making

Ever since I was young, I have always felt being captivated
by computers. And my journey in this mesmerizing world of computers began with
a mathematics class which left me allured. I was in 11th grade when,
a professor took page rank algorithm as an example to illustrate how Linear Algebra
is implemented. The process of how the importance of a page is interpreted using the
hyperlink connections as stationary vector and matrix transformation in the
Algorithm enthralled me greatly. Such an approach for solving real world
problems incited me to deeply delve into the field.                

My education at Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication
Technologies and Research (AIACT&R) offered me numerous opportunities to
enhance my foundational knowledge. As my studies began, I started off by
developing basic JAVA application programmes like Download Manager and Library
Management System to develop and test my programming skills. As an
undergraduate, I always sought to grow and improve upon my skills, constantly
participating in country wide programming competitions like TCS CodeVita and
Codechef, thereby, always challenging myself. During the subsequent course of
my study, my knowledge base also expanded to the fields of Machine Learning,
Operating Systems, Web Intelligence and Big Data.

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As my understanding steadily
grew, my interest in Data Science gradually proliferated. In the second year of
my graduation, I worked on the development of a Matlab program which created a
3-D reconstruction of image data and used SIFT algorithm to do so. This
experience showed me the very prospect of what Data Science could achieve.


This further piqued my
interest in the realm of Data Analytics

The analytical thought
process, cultivated over four years during my graduation has been instrumental
in the professional career path that I have chosen for myself. More so,
the logical thinking methodology, the analytical reasoning and decision making
has ensured that I create a niche for myself. I wish to transition into
the role of a Strategist and I believe that in order to be able to effectively
utilize my skills and find a top position in a leading multi-national, I must
further incorporate into my training the effective understanding of Data Analytics.
My education and experience has so far introduced me to the various
possibilities, tools and methods but to be at the top job, I must master the
same and hence, my decision for revisiting the academia and embellishing my
skill set further.

Ahead from here, I feel
Data Analytics would see a marked rise in professionals from every stream, with
a variety of experience delving into the pure science of analytics and relating
their respective experience in the sector. With more diversity and a wider
perspective, the sector would invite tenured and seasoned professionals to look
at the way they conduct businesses in the changing scenario.  And when
that happens, I wish to be ready for the challenge. 

I aspire to work as a data
analyst, and University of Southern California would enable me to realize
aspirations and interests that exceed my existing career parameters. The
guidance of USC’s remarkable faculty and the stimulating ethos of its research
labs would enable me to build on my deep but interrelated interests, background
and research intentions, offering me the foundation on which to conduct
ground-breaking projects. I believe I would make an excellent contribution to
the atmosphere at USC and subsequently be a successful data analyst with my
passion for data, leadership and communication skills polished through work.