Ever since it marks the date when the

Ever since the 26th of June 2015, same-sex marriage protests in the United States have reduced tremendously. This date is very important since it marks the date when the Supreme Court passed the ruling of legalizing same-sex marriage. The law promised equal rights for all without discrimination of any kind.

Same-sex couples were considered as couples from that moment forward (Reitan, 2017).            Two years down the line, same-sex marriage announcements became a regular appearance in newspapers and ads. This meant that more marriages were taking place and change was being embraced with time. Some married publicly while others married privately.

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It was now a well-accepted part of society as the support grew even in congress. More and more congressmen showed their support to this kind of marriages especially during the campaigns of 2017. There were and still are some groups that felt different; more tradition than the changing times.

These groups still held protests but their numbers were lesser and lesser with each protest.             Cases of discrimination have not evaded the scene completely. There was a bakery that was sued because of denying its services to a same-sex couple on the basis of being same-sex. These have been examples of scenarios in which same-sex couples have been discriminated. The law however has been quick to act by suing and punishing those who go against the law concerning this particular ruling in any situation.            The issues of equal treatment for the LGBTIQ have also been raised.

Raising momentum with slow progress due to the reduced cases of discrimination that have been reported against this group. The law has been able to intervene in most cases. For those cases that have not been tackled, it still remains a threat issue for the group, which fights for its rights on a daily basis.