Everthing grammar,we were also working on reading and

       Everthing has started with coming to Kilyos for learning Engllish.We took an exam to determine student’s English level which is not hard for me.Because I studied English in high school for one year like in Kilyos.I knew much about English,and I became an intermadiate student,actually I was expecting to be an advanced student,but I noticed that I was not good at grammar.So,intermediate level was appropriate for me.         We started from the beginnig of the grammar part of English.Initial unites was a little bit easy and we passed them very quickly as possible as we can.While we were studying on grammar,we were also working on reading and writing in English.I was not good at writing and reading in English due to the fact that these lessons were very important for me.I tried to attend all of the classes and understand the subject well.One month later,I noticed that I was more confident in English than one month ago.It was clear that my English was improving,and I was very happy with this development.     My English was improving day by day in every subject.But, I improved myself in wiriting very well.I knew about the making sentences,but i didn’t know how to use them.I was like a armed-soldier who does not know how to use his weapons.I have learned almost everything about writing from my dearest teacher Terrence.Also,I improved myself in reading with the reading texts which are published in our CC student booklets.They were very helpful for learning new words,new types of sentences,and solving the questions of it.They were designed by the people who know the students very well.So that,this makes booklets very helpful.In another area,grammer,I learned the English grammer like it has to be.I had some mistakes on it.Then,I fixed my mistakes on gramer with learning details of English grammer well.I’m still having troubles with it,i’m trying to zeroize my grammar faults.Finally,listening,I was good at listening since I was 15.I improvred it a little bit,because we’re living in Kilyos in English.We’re here for learning English,so my listening has improved,too.We’ll be here for another 4 months,and I want to improve myself as possible as I can.