Every good boy

In every childhood, it is hard to find a hobby which is the right one, the coolest, the funniest and which one is the most interesting. There are several themes for this story for example finding a hobby another one could be that he would prove himself. I would start with explaining why I choose finding a hobby as a theme.

In the story Michael the main character plays the piano and at the end of the story it says “Six month later, I started violin lessons” (Page 12 Line 168).In the start of the story the arenas wants to find Michael a hobby when the piano came up it was like a miracle for them. The piano they get is a very important thing for them because, Michaels dad wished that he had something like that when he was a child, but he was never able to get a piano.

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Therefore, the piano plays a big role to the whole family I think, it is what Michael was missing out on he is looking for something he is good at something to prove himself, something he can be a show off at, something which he s finally good at.The piano is what Michael needed, but he did not know how to play he Just thought that it was a sign which said that this is the chance to prove himself. Michael who is the narrator, is a boy who is only nine years old he has a father, mother and a sister. Michael has been told that he wasn’t really good at anything for example “Graceless, chartless, physically, and socially Inept, I lacked even traditional intelligence of the nerdy’